Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Little Miss Bossy Boots

Last week we made our way to Princess's first ever Parents Evening. I booked the day off work to ensure I could go no matter what and spent the whole day in anticipation. It's crazy how excited I actually was by the prospect of finding out how Princess had settled in. At the end of her school day, she's very reluctant to talk about how she's spent her afternoon so we only ever get snippets of information. I was looking forward to hearing from her teachers how she was finding nursery.

Princess's teacher is lovely. She has a kind smile and a positive outlook on everything. She said she was very happy with Princess's progress and she had settled in lovely. She has quite a few friends - which was a relief to hear, every time we ask who she has played with today, the response is always "no one". There is a little boy who she once classed as her boyfriend. According to the teacher they both seem drawn to each other and are always together. How sweet!

The teacher said she is also very much of a leader. I can totally see this in Princess, she is very, very bossy. She is quite happy to take charge of a situation and see it through to the end. She likes things done her way and in a timely manner - I wonder who she gets that from! Apparently there had been an incident at nursery where some of the children had blocked up the toilets with tissue so the teacher had assigned one of the older children to take charge and make sure everyone was using the bathroom appropriately. Princess stepped up immediately, taking charge of the clipboard and making sure everyone was flushing the chain and washing their hands. Despite her being one of the younger children in her class, the teachers were quite happy with the way she was running the gaff!

I left Parents Evening feeling incredibly proud and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have often worried that she wouldn't settle in and spend her hours there sat by herself. The thought made me want to cry, thinking of my little girl all lonely. It was such a relief to hear that she was a confident, bright and friendly little girl in nursery, the same way she is at home.

A couple of days later, I rushed in to nursery at home time to pick Princess up. She came running out of the classroom beaming and brandishing a colourful bracelet in her hands. The teacher came out to tell me that Princess had won a prize for having a positive attitude. When asked if she could help tidy up, she proudly yelled "come on guys, let's go!" and rounded up the other children to help out.  Everyone got together and got the classroom tidied up quick as a flash.

In the long run, it looks like her bossiness is paying off. She doesn't order the children about, but her natural ability to lead in any situation gets the other children involved in helping her, without them feeling like they're being forced.

She is friendly, confident and knows what she wants.

My Princess is awesome.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


I'm sure you've heard this term before, right?

Well I hadn't. Not until Princess hit the grand old age of 3 anyway. 

I'd always heard of the Terrible Two's and had been dreading them. Fortunately, they hadn't been as bad as I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. However, it left me completely unprepared to face a three year old. 

I thought I had this parenting malarkey down to a T. Move over Gina Ford, Misty knows what she's doing. But alas.. Once again, life decide to throw me another challenge, one I had no fucking idea how to face. 

Let me tell you.. If you think your 2 year old is challenging, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Terrible Two's do not exist, they are a simple a taster of what is yet to come.. And it ain't pretty. 

For one.. They can talk. Fluently. Gone are the days of feeling a rush of pride when your child learns a new word. No. Now they know them all. And their favourites tend to be swear words. It doesn't matter how careful you are, they have a sixth sense for the F word. As soon as it's left your mouth, they pounce on the opportunity, shouting it with pride to anyone who will listen. And they know you can't tell them off.. After all, you said it first. 

It also means they can answer back. Sometimes Princess just doesn't understand why I have told her no and will argue with me to the point I end up telling her to do what she wants. Model parenting right there, I know. But you just cannot win an argument with a threenager. They also like to tell you off too.. God forbid you should eat the last chocolate biscuit, you'll soon know about it. 

Which leads me to questions. Oh, the questions. What was once a very cute trait in which I would relish answering all of her questions and teaching her about the world.. Soon turns in to "why?" "Where are we?" Every 10 seconds. A few more "why's?" And a couple of "BUT WHAT FOR!?" and the questions aren't so cute any more. Sometimes I genuinely think she's just looking for an argument.. She's feisty so it wouldn't surprise me. 

The only part that counteracts this.. Is the way she can become absolutely adorable. My current favourites are: 

"Mummy, I'm so proud of you!" 
"You're my best friend!" 
"I've missed you SO much" and the all time favourite
"I love you lots and lots like jelly beans!" 

All it takes is one of those little phrases to make me forgive her. 

I forgive the tantrums, the bad behaviour, the constant and incessant whinging. 

She may be the Queen of all Threenagers, but she may just be the cutest of them all! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Bad Things Happen In Threes.. And Four's & Fives

Guess who wins the award for longest blog post title in the history of the world? 

This week has started with an almighty fail. My weeks start on a Sunday as that's what my shift pattern works as.. So Monday is day 2.

Anyway, yesterday was an almighty fail as I found myself back at work after a lovely week off. It was back down to earth with a bump as I started my first shift back and I wasn't really feeling into it at all. I couldn't concentrate, I was feeling anxious and irritable and because of that I made an almighty cock up when doing a payment. It's an easy task that requires minimal concentration.. But I buggered it up. I finally rectified the situation, much to the annoyance of the customer, but all was well in the end. 

Today however, I was an inch away from giving up. If I could have gone back to bed and stayed there until tomorrow I honestly would have. 

The morning saw us being woken up by Princess telling us she had poo'd on her bedroom floor. I asked her why and she told me she was afraid of the toilet roll. Best. Excuse. Ever. 

But everything just went downhill from there. I opened a cupboard to get my straighteners.. And the door fell off. There appears to be a leak under my kitchen sink which has flooded my kitchen and ruined a whole box of washing powder. 

I was starting to get pissed off. We'd already had the landlord out a few weeks ago due to a broken toilet. I had to
Call him last week because we found damp under the stairs. The house is falling apart! 

Then to make my day all that more enjoyable.. Princess decided to wee all in her clothes for nursery and all over her bed. The fresh clean bed I had made the night before. 

If I could have screamed without alerting the neighbours.. I would have. I was so beyond tipping point this morning. I can't even wash the clothes she wet herself in because our washing machine broke on Saturday. 

So bad things do not come in 3's.. that's just if you're lucky! 

Please pray for me that the rest of this week does not continue in the same way.. I can't take much more!