Thursday, 19 January 2012

So in my first real post I told you all that my OH has a new job. Well, he has now decided that the job isn't secure enough for him and has decided to stay at his current job for now. Hopefully it won't be too long for him, but it's his decision so I respect him for that. 
Now I didn't think I'd be saying this for a while, but we're moving! I am so excited yet terrified at the same time because for the first time in my whole 22 years of life, I won't be a mere twenty minutes from my Mum. As sad as that may sound, considering I don't even live with her anymore, it's possibly the strangest and most daunting feeling ever. We've decided to move closer to OH's family because it's difficult for most of them to come all the way over to where we live to see us. It also means I will have people to see and visit in the day time which I don't have down here at all. 
After having moved out of home and into my own house with OH, and then finding out I was pregnant exactly 2 weeks after moving in, you'd think I'd be ready for anything that was thrown my way. The secret is, I'm not. It took a whole month to pack up my bedroom back at my Mums house, a weekend to fully move in to the new house and then about a week to unpack everything we had. Considering it all came from my one bedroom it seems unreal. But now I think this time I have an entire 3 bedroomed house to pack up and move. Each time I go into a room I think about how many boxes worth are in there, and honestly it doesn't seem like much, but I know it's going to take a very long time.
The house needs to be completely returned to the way it was when we moved in. Empty. Magnolia walls, simple white blinds at the windows and it needs to be spotless. Part of me is looking forward to all of it, but there's another part that is absolutely dreading it. OH gets stressed out just moving the furniture around the living room, nevermind packing up 7 rooms. 
I am desperately trying to find everything in the house we don't need and sell it on. The stuff that I'm not too fussed about can be given away or thrown out, but the majority of things that are in the house, I refuse to just give away. Mainly because most of it has sentimental value to me, but also because I think to myself, if I've bought this, then why should somebody else have it for free? Don't get me wrong, I often donate my unwanted clothes, books etc to charity, but I'm talking about Princess's clothes, my jewellery and things that I really don't want to get rid of, but I have no actual need for. I am a terrible hoarder (as you can probably guess from the fact it took over a month to pack a bedroom) and find it difficult to throw things away.
 Despite all of this, I'm still really excited to go house hunting. I find it exciting to look at new houses on the internet, view them and then make the big decision about whether we like it or not. The main problem with this is, the majority of the houses within our price range that we have already seen are pretty much the exact same layout as the house we're in now. Don't get me wrong, if it comes to it and that's all that's left then we'll go for it, but moving into a house that is already the same as the one you live in takes the excitement out of it. You already know where your furniture is going to go, where you're going to store things. I might be expecting too much, but I want it to be different, otherwise I am going to find no joy in moving what-so-ever.
I really have rambled here so I'll bring it to a close. As scared as I am to be away from my Mum, I really am very excited to be starting a new part of my life somewhere different. Lets just hope I still feel the same in a few months time!

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