Friday, 6 January 2012

Well I finally did it..

So, after much consideration and deliberation, I have decided to start my own blog. There are many reasons for this, some of them you’ll probably agree with and some you may think I’m crazy for. Either way, welcome. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing. Here goes…
 I am a huge fan of reading other blogs, as I’m sure many of you are. This has been a habit of mine since the tender old age of twelve when I began reading the blogs of American girls Renee and Tori. Now you may or may not know of these girls, but I was so addicted with them I would log on every day just to read about their lives. I’m not sure what captured my attention so much, these girls were just a few years older than me, but I was so interested in their lives, despite the fact they weren’t that much different than my own. Maybe it was because I related to them in some way? I’m hoping that others will feel the same about this blog
 I’m still a blog stalker to this day. Mainly I’m a lurker, I’ll read the posts, but I won’t comment. I’m not really sure why this is – I’m definitely not shy – but something has held me back. Maybe now is the time to start. In order to get readers on my own blog, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to come out of my own lurker cave and finally introduce myself to the blogging world.
My other reason is because quite simply, I’m a writer. I write everything. I’ve even written my own novel. At the age of 22 I find this quite an achievement. Nobody has read it yet, not fully. I’m not sure if I dare share it with the world and pursue anything with it, but I love to write regardless. Ever since the age of five, before I knew what a full stop was, I’ve been writing my own stories. I wrote a diary for several years before deciding that chapter of my life was over and I needed to start a new one. All of my writing has been private, but now, I have decided to inflict it upon the poor unsuspecting people who come across this blog.
I’m sure most of my posts will be the ramblings of a crazy young mother, opinions on subjects most people probably won’t be interested in – because I have to tell you now, I’m not even the slightest bit interested in politics or current world affairs, I don’t even watch the news!
Another reason is because I like to share. I’m that girl who always divulges too much information into a conversation and makes everything awkward. I’m the girl who makes an inappropriate joke during the most serious of chats. I like to give advice yet never expect people to take it. Sometimes I’m too over opinionated for my own good and it often gets me into trouble. I say the wrong things at the wrong times. They may not seem like good, or the right, reasons to start a blog. But hell, if I didn’t have my own crazy reasons, then I’d just be like every other blogger out there!
So welcome to my world. To summarise - even though I didn't tell you most of this - I’m 22, I have a beautiful daughter who is currently 15 months old. I have an adoring boyfriend who I have lived with for 2 years. My family are crazy – on both sides – but I love them all dearly. Friends? What are those? Nevermind... haha.
So here’s to my new blog, 2012, and of course, to you!


Nikki said...
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Misty Bird said...

Oh thank you so much, always lovely to hear! Will pop over to your blog and have a look. I'll also add you to my reading list if that's okay? X

Nikki said...

Hi Misty, Thank you for all your help earlier today on Twitter, I have made my very own blog! Only editing my pages across the top though! And I have a surprise for you in the "Blog Love" widget too!