Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's all coming together

For the first time in a long time, I feel that everything is falling into place. 

In less than a week of moving in with Ross's Mum, we have found a place to live. It's basically everything I've ever wanted and to make everything that much more perfect, it's with a private landlord meaning no more messing around with estate agents.
The new house has 2 bedrooms, an upstairs bathroom (which trust me, after being pregnant and having to rush downstairs 5 times a night to a downstairs bathroom, it is a big deal), every room is just the right size, and it even has a lovely back garden, including a shed! We're allowed to decorate however we want, do what ever we want, and to top it all off, the landlord is giving us a fridge and a freezer free of charge! What more could I possibly ask for!? Most importantly, it's within walking distance of everyone and everything - minus my Mum! The only downside is the kitchen and the appliances are a little outdated, but with a womans touch, all of that can be changed.

On top of all of that, I received the wonderful news Friday that we will be getting back all of our deposit from the old house! I apologise now for the amount of exclamation marks but I really am excited. We all know how much I agonised and worried over whether we would be getting our deposit back, but because our ex-landlord was so lovely, he made sure that every penny will be coming back to us.

Now to throw a sort of firework into the whole situation. Whilst snooping around the estate agents website (this was before we found out about the deposit by the way!) Ross came across some rather interesting information. Our landlord was not only our landlord, but he is also the Director of the estate agents. This came as rather shocking news considering we had both assumed he was just some guy renting out his house through an agency. What made the situation better - for me - was that on the few amount of times I actually spoke with the landlord, I had nothing but negative things to say about the estate agents. He was equally unimpressed about the number of things that had never actually been reported to him despite the fact we had phoned the company ourselves. So not only was my landlord a lovely and helpful man, it turns out he is very powerful too.
Want to know something even crazier than that?
Whilst I have been living at Ross's Mums I have started going to zumba classes with Jayne and Charlotte. The instructor, who is a lovely and tiny woman, turns out to also work for the estate agents. Not only that, she is the directors assistant. 
That's right, my new zumba instructor is my ex-landlords assistant. How bloody small is the world? I'm not even kidding, her picture is right there underneath his marked 'Directors Assistant'. Needless to say, I found the whole situation unnerving but absolutely hilarious. 

But moving on from the crazy revelation (which to be honest, you're probably thinking, who actually cares?) everything is most definitely going right. The new house, which we move into at the end of the month is exactly what I wanted. My phone contract runs out next month so I will be getting myself a shiny new iPhone - because I need Instagram in my life - and I'll also be getting a new laptop! 
Along with all of this, the new area in which I now live is so much closer to some of my friends that I might actually get some visitors and I might, just might, end up with a social life. My social life right now consists of being sat here with a glass of wine - in a McDonalds coke glass I might add - blogging and playing games on Facebook. 

So in case any of you who actually read this are wondering... everything is bloody great!

And if any of that bored you, I apologise. Why not cheer yourself up with a picture of Princess's crazy bedhead and mischievous grin!


Anonymous said...

Love it , love you , love our beautiful girl and love the new house , love Ross xxxx

ariebloger said...

hiii very cute

Misty Bird said...

thank you :)