Sunday, 29 April 2012

Am I jinxed?

By nature I'm a very supersticious person. I salute magpies, I don't walk under ladders and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Amongst all of these things, I never thought it possible to be able to jinx yourself, yet somehow, I'm convinced I have.

Now you see, in my last post I made a point of mentioning that Princess had been sleeping through the night. At that point I was convinced things couldn't get any better for me. I was getting a full nights sleep and I had a seemingly more relaxed toddler. However, ever since I made that post, Princess has not slept through the night once. Not even close. In fact, she's become ten times worse than what she used to be.
Before, if she woke in the night, I was able to go into her and give her a bottle and all would be well. I'd get back into bed and sleep until the next inevitable wake up call came. Now when she wakes in the night, she's inconsolable. She doesn't cry as such, just makes more of a whinging noise that goes on forever and absolutely nothing can stop it. At some point every night she will climb into our bed and as much as I adore this, I hate it too. It means both Ross and I are balancing on the edge of the mattress being careful not to crush her arms/legs/head therefore producing a very unrestful nights sleep. Along with this comes the point at which she begins her whinging. During one incident I became so frustrated with being unable to stop it that I actually took her back into her own room and climbed into her tiny single bed with her, bedframe and all! This complete turnaround leads me to believe that I have in fact jinxed myself.

Sometimes I feel so awful that I get frustrated with her for it, but when it's 3am and she's been making that same noise for 30 minutes straight, it gets hard to take. At 18 months I would have hoped for some sort or routine or at the very least a sign that that part of her sleeping habit might be beginning to settle down. A major part of her sleeping habits that doesn't help is the fact she doesn't nap during the day. No matter what time she wakes in the morning, 5, 6, 7, 8am she will not sleep in the daytime. This means that come 5pm she is so grouchy and snappy that she becomes difficult to handle. 

I love my Princess more than anything on this earth and as hard as the lack of sleep is to handle sometimes, I know she'll grow out of it. Whether it be in the next six months or six years, I know that this won't go on forever and that's what keeps me going.

Now moving on from my mini moan (yes I realise that wasn't really mini) I'll give you an update on everything else.

Firstly, I actually went out with the girls last weekend! I know, I know, don't all fall over in shock at once. It was a great night and one I'll remember for a long time - although probably not for the right reasons! All I will say is that I am never getting that drunk again. I've been drunk a lot of times in my life, but never have I been this mortified by the state I was in. The funny thing is, Charlotte doesn't even remember half of it. As soon as I got home I was straight to the bathroom and then in bed. She on the otherhand was out in the back garden rolling around in gravel!! As you do Charlotte haha. Luckily though I felt absolutely fine the next day, apart from craving a giant roast dinner - which both Charlotte and I got in the end.

Charlotte, Misty, Sam

Another thing to report is that we've decorated our bedroom. It's not a massive deal to some but after living in the old house for 2 years and not changing a single thing about the bedroom, we decided we'd do ours first. It never fully felt like home in the old bedroom, but now it's so cosy and warmer in the new one that I love being in it. I've never felt as excited to go to bed before as much as I did last night. Of course, a new paint job meant new bedding and curtains which was almost enough to make me start dancing with glee.

The theme is most definitely pink! I'm just as shocked as everyone else that Ross actually went ahead with the colour choice, but by God am I glad he did! The back wall is actually grey (although it looks purple in the picture, I think I would have been asking a little TOO much for purple as well as pink!) and it all goes amazing together. Surprisingly it's the exact same colour combination as my blog, which I didn't realise until afterwards! I haven't had a pink bedroom since I was a little girl so I'm loving having one now. All we need is some new lamps (which are already picked out), some canvasses going up on the chimney breast and a few accessories and it'll all be complete. 
Not sure which room we'll be decorating next but I'm sure it won't be long!

I'll leave you with that. I apologise again for the random subject hopping but a girl only has a certain amount of time to get things done and in my case, that means cramming everything into one blog post.

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