Friday, 4 May 2012

It's not been my favourite week.

In theory I should delete my last post. It turns out Princess doesn't actually have chicken pox (phew!) but something else that's rather strange.

After I wrote the previous post, I noticed some of the spots on Princess's leg were growing in size. After looking though photo's of chicken pox on Google, I realised they weren't the same. She did have some spots which looked like chicken pox, small tiny dots with heads on, but the others were actually expanding and swelling.

When the first growing spot reached the size of a 1pence piece, I rang the Doctors. She told me it was normal and that all chicken pox come in different shapes and sizes, and not to worry. However, throughout the day the spots continued to grow and become more red. The first spot that had reached the size of a penny eventually grew to be the size of a 50p piece. 
Obviously worried, I phoned NHS Direct and asked for advice. Over the phone it's much more difficult to describe than you can imagine. My description was something along the lines of "well they're like chicken pox, except they're massive!" After answering all of the preliminary questions, he concluded that it sounded like Princess's chicken pox had a secondary infection. I made an appointment at the Doctors for the following morning just to be sure. 
One thing I have never experienced before, is being in isolation. Chicken pox are contagious, so instead of sitting in the waiting room and risking the other children and the elderly to be exposed to them, we were put into isolation. It wasn't anything special, just a spare examination room. Although, having to sit away from all of the other patients made me worry that tiny bit, even though I knew it was practical. 

When we finally saw the Doctor she was stumped. She told me it definitely wasn't chicken pox and it wasn't contagious, but she had never actually seen a rash like it. How she knew it wasn't contagious when she didn't have a clue what it was is beyond me. So with no advice, no treatment and no comfort, she sent us on our way with an appointment to go back on Friday.
However, throughout the day, the spots continued to grow. They weren't just the size of 50p pieces anymore, they were growing that much that they had actually started to join together. The back of one of her legs was so covered that her entire leg was swollen. I rang the Doctors back and asked for an emergency appointment with a different Doctor.
 Once again we were put into isolation. Even though the previous Doctor had said Princess wasn't contagious, I didn't want to risk it considering she didn't actually know. This Doctor however seemed much more thorough. She examined every spot, every cluster, took her blood pressure, checked her temperature etc. She even rang through to paediatrics at the hospital to consult with them about the possibilities. Eventually she told me that Princess had a rare skin rash that had been caused by a virus. We're not sure what the virus is, it's linked to being caused by taking different medicines, all the way down to the virus that causes coldsores. She wasn't contagious, so long as people didn't rub themselves against the rashes (although why anyone would do that is beyond me!).

Luckily though, Princess's rash is fading. Instead of having angry, red, swollen marks, they're now turning pink. Apparently they can disappear as quickly as they arrived, so it's a relief to know she's finally on the mend. She now has a horrible cough that's keeping her awake all night, but plenty of cough medicine and calpol should keep that at bay.

Along with the rubbish time we've been having with illnesses this week, I also suffered a loss. My beloved pet rabbit, Captain Jack Sparrow (don't laugh!) died on Tuesday afternoon. I'm absolutely devastated. I still don't know what caused it, but as soon as I saw him lying in his cage with his back to me, I knew. I'd had Jack since I was 16, so he lived a good 7 years and that's only assuming he wasn't older than 1 when I bought him. He was a lovely dark grey and white dutch rabbit and I loved him a lot. He had been my very first pet and was definitely a companion of sorts. He'd give kisses when you picked him up and chase you around the garden, hopping along the way. He loved all other animals (well, cats and dogs!) and would often play with Tia. He even used to sleep with our old cat, all snuggled up. 
Sadly, we buried him in the garden on Tuesday night. I had a few tears, even more so when Princess blew him a kiss and said "bye". I won't be getting another rabbit anytime soon, probably not until Princess asks for one. Until then, it'll just be Tia and the turtles (who still don't have names, oops).

So that is my rubbish week so far. I could definitely do with a turnaround next week, say like, winning the lottery? Although I suppose I'd have to play for that to actually happen. Hopefully things will start to pick up and Princess will be fighting fit next week!


Jacq said...

Wow, that's quite some rash and I'm glad it's fading but sorry to hear about your Bunny. I think that's a fab rabbit name btw.

Misty Bird said...

Haha thank you! Went through a Pirates of the Caribbean stage when I was younger x