Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Champix No Smoking and Me... Day 13

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of posts recently. There isn't actually a real reason for this but I just haven't got around to coming online. Nothing much exciting has happened so I will just update you on my no smoking, or attempted no smoking.

Before I start I will fully admit that I have cheated.

My quit date was in fact yesterday, July 10th, 12 days into my tablets. However yesterday I caved and had 3 cigarettes and today I've had 2.

In all fairness though, that is bloody fantastic for me. I'm usually a smoker of 15-20 a day so to cut down that much is amazing. I don't even know how I've done it either, it's beyond me.
Whilst I don't completely get on with the Champix tablets, I have to admit they work. I'm not even sure how. Somehow though, I have begun to think about them less. My cravings only usually come after I've eaten (which they always have) and when I do have a cigarette, half way through I realise I don't want it.

I think a lot of it has to do with the nausea. I'm not just talking 'ew I feel a bit sick' I'm talking full on, run to the bathroom, get the fuck out of my way, I'm about to vomit kind of nausea. Except you never do. There's never any real sickness, just the feel of it in your stomach. I'm also amazed at how quickly it kicks in. With every tablet I've ever taken there's usually a certain period of time you have to wait for the effects to take place, e.g; paracetamol, decongestants etc. Not with Champix, oh no. You take your tablet and instantaneously you feel ready to barf.

As disgusting and unappealing as this sounds, it's ridiculously helpful. I take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at night meaning I feel far too sick to have my usual morning and bedtime cigarette. Just the thought of it makes me heave and Ross is quickly kicked into the back garden. I've had to start eating gingernuts to calm my queasy stomach and whilst they help, I can't help but think, surely by eating when I'm wanting a cigarette is defeating the object? I don't want to quit smoking, save all of this extra money, only to become morbidly obese because I've scoffed away my cravings and have to spend the saved money on a gym membership. No, no I don't.

Ross has been doing really well too. He's not quitting yet, but he has cut down a hell of a lot. He's decided to quit once his holiday from work starts because then he won't have to deal with missing a 'fag break' because that would unfortunately make him crave one more. I know exactly how he feels, when I was at work I used to live for my fag breaks. I'd count the hours, minutes before I could go for one. It was the best way to break up the working day. He breaks up from work this week so should hopefully be starting the tablets next week! He's not looking forward to it though, he's seen my face turn green every night after taking my tablet so he knows the effect it's going to have.

Also I hate to do this because I hate preachers with a passion, but you have no idea how much a smoker smells, until you haven't smoked. From the moment I woke up I went nine hours without having a cigarette. I went to the shop (not to get chocolate) and walked past quite a few smokers. I have to admit that the smell was vile. I don't know if right now I'm just more aware of it because I'm trying to quit, but I had to move away. If that's how I smell when I smoke then that's enough reason to quit on it's own. I know smokers hate to hear that they smell, I know it used to annoy me more than anything else, but it's honestly true. You stink. Trust me, I'm a smoker.

Overall I'm pleased with my progress. My Doctor told me to pick a day within the first two weeks of tablets as a quit date. After reading through the leaflet I discovered that you can in fact choose a day within the first five weeks, so I feel better for that. I think the fact that I felt pressured into not having one (by myself I might add) that it made me want one more. In future I will be asking Ross to take all forms of tobacco out of the house so I don't have the temptation. I'm very unlikely to go out of the house and buy a pack just to drive off a craving. I'll just have a chocolate bar instead. 

In fact the only way I have been able to get past my cravings without giving in, is to read. I've gotten through so many books recently I can't actually keep up. I suppose I get lost in the story and completely forget that I wanted to smoke. In hindsight it's a very healthy way to do it, I'd rather read a book a day then put on a lb a day. At the moment I'm very into reading Catherine Ryan Hyde books. If you enjoy Jodi Picoult then more than likely you will like these too. My next one is Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I have the film on my Sky Planner, but true to fashion I have to read the book before I watch the film. Sparks never fails to disappoint, and let's be fair, neither does Channing Tatum.

Which reminds me, who wants to see Magic Mike?


Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

BIG well done to you hun! I gave up smoking 9 days ago so know exactly where you're coming from, only i've gone cold turkey and amazingly stuck to it! So, so far so good! It's not easy though so you should be incredibly proud of what you've achieved so far xxx

Misty Bird said...

Wow well done you! I don't think I'll ever have the willpower to go cold turkey, that's fab! It's definitely not easy though you're right. I just need to kick these last few and I'll be smoke free, yay! X

Anonymous said...

Im on Champix with no problems, I take mine after a bowl of porridge in the morning and after dinner at night, Ive never felt any sickness so give that a try.

Anonymous said...

Ive read a bit more of your post and it seems that you think the tablets are supposed to make you sick. That's not true, they block the receptors in your brain that give you cravings. The sickness is because you are taking them on an empty stomach. Google 'Champix Dreams' and you will see what Im saying. They are not designed to make you sick. One top tip MUST finish the course as otherwise the receptors in your brain will start craving if you suddenly stop taking the tablets. You've done ssoo well, good luck xxx

Misty Bird said...

Hiya, thank you for your comments.

I did eventually stop taking the tablets but only a few days before I was due to so I don't think I'll be in too much trouble with the Doctor haha. My nausea was far too much for me, and it didn't matter if I had eaten or not at the time. The mornings were far worse, it got to the point I could see my stomach physically moving I felt that sick it was awful.
So far though I have been quit for just under 3 weeks so I'm still very proud of myself :) x

Anonymous said...

Then you've achieved your goal well done!!! You've done fantastically, Im still only on week one and still smoking but cut down a lot even from Day 1 so Im hoping the 12th day will be my quit are my inspiration.....just stay off the fags lol x

Anonymous said...

Hi, well done, on day 13 and like you got caught up in reading, any and every thing,,,,,love paranormal novels so they help.......... Good read Gena Snowalter, Christine Feehan or Karen Marie Morining.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I started Champix on Feb. 14th. Quit smoking cigarettes on Feb.28th, so have been smoke free for 9 days. I had smoked for 50 years and am very determined to not smoke again. Champix has helped me so much and I am very proud of what I am doing. Also, I am keeping away from people I know who smoke. Fortunateely my husband does not smoke.

Julia Fox said...

Dank u voor het delen van informatie voor stoppen met roken. het is echt nodig nu dag alle jongeren zijn roken en het is niet goed voor de gezondheid. Keep it up.


Tray said...

I am on day 15 on champix but still smoking I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow and give it my all well done to everyone who's stop smoking