Friday, 20 July 2012

Pretty.Little.Things - Coming Home Outfit

Last week I took part in my very first Pretty.Little.Things post and ended up winning for the best picture(s)! Here is my badge that I so proudly want to display! Thank you to Vikki and Lisa for choosing us

This weeks Pretty.Little.Things theme is Coming Home Outfit. I've had my picture picked out since last week, so here it is:

Princess was only 6lb 2oz when born, despite being told regularly she was going to be over 8lb. Because of this, every item in my hospital bag was full of newborn and 0-3month clothes. Nothing fit her. Everything we tried on she swam in, sleeves and legs were too long and she looked lost. Thankfully Ross's Mum went out and bought us a whole load of tiny baby clothes which fitted her much better. 
I adored this sleepsuit from the moment I saw it and knew she'd be coming home in it. The mittens are far too big as we struggled to find any small enough to stay on her tiny hands. I have a picture of her in the car seat ready to leave the hospital room but we'd swaddled her in blankets so the only thing visible was her tiny little face. This picture shows her first time in her moses basket having a good old wriggle - and getting tangled in her sleepsuit!

Make sure you link up with Lisa over at Hollybobs so you can check out everyone elses posts this week. I know I will be.


Lisa said...

Aw bless her she looks so teeny! Lovely pic hunny x

Louise said...

We had the opposite problem with big man. He weighed in at 9lb 9oz and was squashed into some of the newborn clothes!

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Aw bless, she looks so ickle in this pic but love her winnie the pooh outfit! Thanks for linking up again hun xx