Friday, 31 August 2012

Home Sweet Home

Our previous house was huge. There really wasn't any need for us to have a house that big. It was a 3 storey, 3 bedroomed old Victorian house. The types that had the toilets outside, so there was even an extension to accomodate a downstairs bathroom.
All of the bedrooms were big, and the whole top floor was just one bedroom. This room actually ended up being our storage room and was full of rubbish. There were boxes that I couldn't be bothered to unpack, furniture we didn't need/want to put up. No one ever really went up there.
Then Princess came along and the 2 middle floor bedrooms had to be changed. Ours was moved around to accomodate a moses basket and all things baby, and the second bedroom was turned into a nursery.

When we wanted to decorate, we had to ask the landlords permission. We asked if we could decorate the nursery and he said "Yes. Any colour but pink." Obviously we were a bit gutted about this considering Princess was indeed a girl. He didn't specifically say "no purple either" but if he didn't like pink, chances are painting it purple would have been pushing it. Eventually we settled on a very, very light lavendar colour (that you could barely see) and went OTT on the pink furniture.

Our bedroom never got decorated. Obviously neither did the top room. Neither did the kitchen, the study or the bathroom. The only room in our house that ever really got a make over was the living room. We decorated it twice in the two years we were there, three if you count putting it back to neutral when we left.

That is why decorating our new house has been such a pleasure. It's been so refreshing to watch an entire room take on a whole new shape right in front of you.

This house is much smaller. It has two double bedrooms, an upstairs bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Plus a small entry way which leads to the stairs. Right now, the only room that hasn't been decorated is the kitchen. And that is only because whilst decorating all of the other rooms, it has been our only 'safe place' where we could huddle without the fear of things falling on to us/stepping in paint/falling over.

I wrote a post about the first room we decorated, which was our bedroom. We did think about decorating Princess's first, but her room was already suitable for children. It was yellow and brown paint with a monkey border. It sounds gross but it was actually really cute and I'm quite sad I didn't get a proper before picture of it.

So yes, our bedroom was the first to be decorated. The second room was Princesses room (we couldn't leave her with a brown/yellow/blue room forever could we? She is a Princess after all!) This has been painted purple & cream but still with her pink furniture. She also has laminate flooring in her room which was there when we moved in. We decided to keep it because the thought of her getting pen/crayon/food/drink marks all over a carpet was too horrendous to contemplate.

The final room to be decorated was our living room. This is the room we all spend the most time in. It was important to me to get the right colour and make it a warm place to be. I settled on grape purple. We bought a whole new laminate floor (which I helped lay, just so you know!) and it has completely changed the feeling of the room. Before it had a dingy beige carpet which had been there with the previous tenants who if I'm honest, were far from the cleanest of people. The walls were all magnolia and bare. Although honestly, I don't mind the magnolia, it's the durable paint meaning I can just wash the walls - how amazing is that!
Being able to decorate isn't often easy for us. Mostly, we just can't afford to do it. Yes I know paint isn't all that expensive, but if you want to completely change the room like we have done now, it's not cheap. I'm not the most DIY orientated person and would much rather be the person picking the colour scheme than actually putting it on the wall, but watching it come together and knowing I had helped was really satisfying - and fun!

We probably won't be able to decorate again any time soon, and if we do, it definitely won't be in the magnitude that we did this time. But I'm happy with the end result. We didn't have to decorate the bathroom because it was really pretty already. The landlord fitted it himself, it's all red and white tiles. Very shiny!

I'm so happy with our renovation, I couldn't ask for a more homely and warm house. For the first time, I actually feel at home. I feel like I finally don't have to worry about the 'odd jobs' and the plainness of it. It's finally a home.

Now to pick out the colours for the kitchen...


Charlotte said...

It's looking lovely! Glad you are enjoying decorating! We are in the middle of painting so if you would like to call round, feel free! :0) x

Misty Bird said...

Haha I think I've had my fair share, definitely time for a break! Cant wait to see pictures of your end results x

Nikki said...

It definately is looking good!

Misty Bird said...

Thanks hun x

My Mummy's World said...

Looking really good. I'm not a keen decorator either, hopefully that will change when we eventually can afford to move. Like all your little picture clips xx

Misty Bird said...

Thank you! Did them all via iPhone haha. I'm not usually very motivate when it comes to actual decorating but I love shopping/designing it all x