Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bargain Hunter!

I have to admit, I definitely hunt around for the bargains. Money is tight for everyone these days, and if you can knock a few quid off of something, then why not?

I love charity shops. You can find so many hidden treasures in them it's unbelievable! Sometimes clothes still have the tags on and books without a crease. Forgive me for getting on my high horse, but those who refuse to shop in charity shops just because it's second hand are ridiculous. I've bought all sorts in charity shops in the past: jeans, tshirts, clothes for Princess, toys, you get the picture. I will draw the line at underwear/bikinis, that is going a bit too far, but as for the rest of them, they're always washed and sanitised before use.

Yesterday, we went for a stroll down the flea market. Now I can't stand being in confined spaces with a bunch of strangers bustling and pushing past me, but it was actually quite fun. Some of the stalls were full of complete and utter tat, but others were brilliant.

Some stalls were all unused cosmetics, others were designer jeans with the labels on. You have to wonder where some of them bought these things, but more often than not I assume they were never 'bought'. No one is stupid enough to sell brand new Henleys jeans for £4, surely? Ah well...

I thought I would share some of my bargain buys with you..

This was probably our first proper bargain we bought a few weeks ago. It was brand new, in the box. It had a price tag on of £12.99. We got it for £3! It now hangs proudly in our living room.

Princess spotted this as we were wandering around the stalls and started to scream "MAKKA PAKKA!!" It took me a while to realise this is what she meant, considering it is in fact Iggle Piggle. How either of us know the characters is beyond me because we don't watch In The Night Garden in this house! She absolutely loves this toy and now carries it around everywhere. It even went to bed with her last night. Grand total = 50p.

I absolutely adore this picture. I've decided to wrap it up and let Princess have it for her birthday. She has a new obsession with Dora & Boots so thought it would be a lovely addition to her bedroom. The price? £1!!!
This purchase we are probably the most proud of! It was on the same stall as her Iggle Piggle toy and cost us a grand total of £3. She spent literally all of last night playing on it, pressing the buttons and singing into the microphone. When the music stopped and the clapping began, she'd clap herself too. It was honestly so adorable I couldn't stop chuckling at her. After having a quick browse through the Argos, I realised these were around £19.99 to buy brand new. This one didn't even need new batteries!

So, next time somebody says to you "Oh, shall we nip in this charity shop?" or "How about a trip to the flea market/car boot?" Don't shake your head in judgement. Remember, there are always massive bargains to be had. And if you're a bit too stuck up for second hand, there's always new stuff that's cheap too!


Gin. said...

I love charity shops. I am a firm fan. You can get some amazing things & lables in there! x

WallyMummy said...

I so need to take a leaf out of your book! I always forget about carboots and charity shops. You have inspired me - I am so gonna make myself more thrifty! This parenting malarky costs a fortune... lol x nice post :) xxx

cashakay said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Sorry, that above comment was mine, forgot to use my other profile thingy!

ANYWAY, I love this sort of post, I love charity shops and it's so good to hear what others have found... I got hungry hungry hippos for Bean the other day, for a QUID! and 3 books for him for 30p today! Loves it. Do more of these! xx

Misty Bird said...

I was actually thinking of maybe starting a bargain hunter linky, but my laptop is broke and I can only just write a post on the iPad so can't sort it out just yet! Maybe soon x

Misty Bird said...

That's for sure! I hate the negative vibe people create for charity shops, second hand does not mean something is bad! Plus it helps a good cause x

Misty Bird said...

It does indeed! Have managed to get some birthday presents from flea market too! A bit of miltons and a good scrub down makes them basically brand new! If you can get it for £5 instead of £50, then why not! Thanks for the comment x