Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Right now I am really angry.

In fact I'm not angry, I'm disturbed.

I opened up my Facebook app on my phone (my laptop has died *sob*) and was met with a rather disgusting sight. A young chinese girl having her legs broken by a man standing on them. Now I may get absolutely slated for this, but I don't care. I am sick to the fucking back teeth of seeing abused children and animals on my Facebook timeline.

I did not sign up to Facebook to look at these pictures. If I was that mentally disturbed I wanted to look at child abuse, I'd be in prison. Why has it suddenly become okay to post pictures of it?

Why is it okay to post a picture of a young girl cowering away from a man with the caption 'Like if you're against pedophilia'

What kind of idiot isn't against it? Oh that's right, PEDOPHILES!

Why is it suddenly acceptable to post a picture of an animal missing it's entire snout because it's been used in dog fighting!?

I am fully aware that this stuff happens. In some cases I am more aware than others, but I DO NOT want to have this shit rubbed in my face EVERY time I sign on.

Another one is sick or injured babies. The most recent I have seen is a newborn baby with a massive tumour sticking out of its head.


It is not only upsetting for a parent to see - a newborn baby suffering - but it's sick that someone would use this as a way to gain popularity via Facebook.

On top of this, I have the ever annoying..

'Like if you think this dog is cute!!!!'

I don't give a flying shit if the dog is cute or not, if I wanted one I'd go and buy one.
"Hey look! It's a cute dog!"
"homfgz we have to tell all of Facebook!"

Next thing you know, there's a picture of a young girl who has lost her hair due to chemo. The caption reads '1 Like = 1 respect'

Fuck right off.

How about donate some money to Cancer Research you moron!? That's showing some fucking respect.

The worst one I have ever seen was a picture of an aborted fetus with the caption 'Like if you're against abortion.' And people actually liked it.

What the actual FUCK!?

It is not normal for you to even consider LIKING a picture of a dead baby. It is SICK.

If you post negative or saddening pictures on Facebook asking for 'likes' or comments, then I really do hate you.
I have also lost all respect for you if you have given in and 'Liked' them.

What makes these people any worse than trolls? Trolls will deliberately seek out negative reactions in people by posting things that are considered immoral. For example the 'Dead Baby Jokes' and 'Cancer is funny because people die' groups on Facebook. These groups were designed to get mass negative reactions from the millions of social network users.

How is posting a picture of a dying child ANY different? Because by getting people to Like or Comment on the picture gets you that bit closer to curing a disease or arresting the next abuser?

No. Because you WANT the attention. You WANT the hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. You want what you can get out of it.

And for those of you who Like these pictures, please take 2 seconds to think about the disgusting inbred who decided to look up, save and post these pictures. I promise you, they're not as noble as they make out to be.

Sometimes there are genuine pages on Facebook. For example, those statuses that are about a real cause or emotion and only get thousands of 'likes' because you only have to think of a profile for it to become public these days. Or the groups about real people with real problems. I will happily accept that my friends wish to support these strangers.

I will not support you for Liking pictures of child and animal abuse. It is wrong and it is NOT support in any way, shape or form. All you are doing is feeding the ego of a troll.

Someone please tell me I am not the only one?


Nichola said...

I'm with you 100%. I did a blog post a couple of weeks ago on almost the same thing. The very sick dead baby jokes page. 60,000 people liked it just so they could comment that they hated it! My timeline is so full of this I've hidden almost my whole friends list.

Miss Dazzling Purple Horses said...

Completely agree with you. Fed up seeing them all and it doesn't help the situations, so what's the point?

Misty Bird said...

That's exactly what I mean, by even associating yourself with the page, even to express tie hatred for it, is just feeding it to the masses. I don't know why people don't understand this?

Thanks for your comment x

Suzanne said...

Totally agree with you. It's not the place for that....it's disgusting. Like anything else, unfortunately Facebook gets abused :(

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

FANTASTIC post, you took the words right out of my mouth. I hate it when i check my facebook and my timeline is full of nothing but this sort of thing! It makes me so annoyed and frustrated and actually puts me off using it now! Twitter IS the way forward! lol xxx

Emily Foran said...

Absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so, so much for linking you have said what I think every time I see them too. I am constantly linking back to 'hoax slayer'; recently they were sharing a picture that said like if you're against child abuse. The child hadn't been abused she was attacked by another child at nursery and her picture had been put in the paper and child abuse suggested. Could you imagine the horror if you logged in and saw people sharing an image of your child and suggesting they were abused!

Vicki Theboysbehaviour said...

I'm so with you.

I hate the guilt that is supposed to go with it - the implication that if you don't like then you agree with child abuse. WTF!

Suzanne said...

Ha ha! This is the exact post I wanted to write this week - I am so SICK of those 'like if you think this girl suffering from leukaemia is pretty', 'like if you think she should say yes to a prom invite from a boy with down syndrome'....honestly, who wouldn't like it but do we really have to do it on FB?! Great rant. Thanks for linking up :)

Amanda said...

I love it when you're angry, great post!

Mama Owl said...

Right on! I couldn't agree more! x

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