Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What Makes Me Smile

In just under a month, my Princess will be turning 2! I can't quite believe it myself, time has flown by far too quickly. It's an old cliché but so true. Shes very grown up for her age and a brilliant talker. People are often surprised when I explain that she is in fact still One.

Over the past few months I've seen her personality develop more and more. I couldn't adore the child any more if I tried! She's bright, funny and so, so pretty. It turns out that I've raised a comedian. I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself at least once a day due to her hilarious conversations. Sometimes it's the way she is or the way she says something. Other times it's just a facial expression. Here's a few things that have made me smile recently:

She's just learnt how to jump. This means first thing in the morning shes bouncing on the bed. She can now jump on the trampoline. And as she's walking along, she jumps in the air shouting "YAAAYYY" just because she's that awesome.

I've just jumped all over my Mums head - YAAYYY
She's polite. Probably the most polite nearly 2yo I know. She says please and thank you and opens stair gates for me. I absolutely love the way she says "sankoo mummy". Cutest. Thing. Ever. She also  says "bess you" whenever I sneeze. Along with "pardon me" if she burps. See... Polite!
She can't pronounce her x's. So when she says Max (as in Max & Ruby) she says Mack. For Box, it's bock. And for Fox it's.. You guessed it. And she likes to shout this out loud, in public. Usually in a cafe or on the bus. I may go bright red, embarrassed by the judgemental states from fellow parents who are disgusted my child is swearing, but I can't help but laugh at her. Now if only she would tell them all to "Fox off..."

Whilst I'm pushing her along in her stroller, she shouts "SHEEP... BAAAAHHHH!!" out of nowhere. She also pretends to be a cow and a monkey.

I love the way she can relate to every cartoon. If its Scooby Doo, she'll tell me ghosts and that shes scared, sometimes even throw in an exaggerated shiver. If its Peppa Pig, she'll shout Peppa over and over or "Dinosaur.. RAWR!!" in the voice of George pig. She also does the rocket launch routine from Little Einsteins and makes me do it with her.

She sings to herself. I know most toddlers do this, but it's extra cute because it's my Princess thats singing. Her favourite at the minute is 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and she does the actions too. It sounds more like "wiiiine tup, PULL PULL PULL" but she's getting there!

Every morning when I pin her down lie her down to change her nappy, she shouts "HELP DADDY! HELP!!"

She can count. Sort of. Most of the time it's goes something along the lines of "oneee, twooo, fiiiive, twoooo, fooouur" you get the gist. Other times she can recite them so perfectly I have to remind myself she's actually still very young. She usually does this whilst sliding down the stairs on her bum. Very cute!

She can shout "POTATO" just like Keith Lemon. I have video evidence. This alone makes me child a legend!

So there's a few things my Princess does that makes me smile on a daily basis. I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I finish, but I'll save those for another day. What does your child do to make you laugh everyday?


mummyneversleeps.com said...

oh ma gawd she's gorgeous! that hair! well done you for raising such a beautiful, bright little lady :) all their little sayings somehow make all the other crap worth it hm? good work! *high five* xx

Misty Bird said...

Thank you! *high fives right back at you*!!

She does have cute hair, I'm dreading having to have it cut. I love this age, when they're talking and developing funny little habits, it really does make it worthwhile. And it's so amazing to know that we helped make them this way! X

The Beesley Buzz said...

gorgeous photos! I love the way youve mentioned all those little details to look back on when she's older like singing wind the bobbin up and the things she is saying. so cute. x

Suzanne said...

She is such a little cutie and no wonder she makes you hoot with laughter every day! I really do love this age. I miss it :(