Friday, 19 October 2012

5 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged in this meme by mumsmakelists so I now, against my own will, have to tell you 5 random facts about myself.

I must warn you before I begin that I'm really not that interesting and am struggling to think of things already. If you fall to sleep before the end of this post, I won't be offended.

Fact Number One - I have written a novel. Most people already know this, but I suppose it's pretty random if you didn't know. I wrote it last year and it didn't take particularly long - possibly 2 months. I used to write whenever Princess slept, so 2 hours in the day and then as soon as she went to bed. It's over 80,000 words long.

Fact Number Two - I once accidentally injected myself with my sisters epi-pen. So basically I had an epic adrenaline rush. My Grandma told me off thinking I'd done it on purpose - it was an accident! - and all of the hospital staff laughed at me. It wasn't until later on they told me I could have actually had a heart attack and that I was very lucky.

Fact Number Three - When I was in my teens I had a huge obsession with Tinkerbell. Peter Pan has always been my favourite Disney film and I thought Tinkerbell was the shit. I had a box covered in Tinkerbell wrapping paper filled with all Tinkerbell crap. There were stickers, pens, notebooks, pictures.. even a lollipop I never ate. I didn't throw it away until I was 20 and left home..

Fact Number Four - My Mum was going to give me the middle name Blue. Therefore, I would have been named Misty Blue Bird.. do you think I have a case for child cruelty?

Fact Number Five - I enjoy playing Call of Duty. More specifically Black Ops. I'm actually really good at it and have on more than one occasion, beaten Ross. I can happily sit and watch him play it, I like it. Does that make me weird? Probably. I don't particularly like Modern Warfare, but that's probably because I haven't really given it chance. I'm excited for Black Ops 2 release next month though!

I told you, I'm not very interesting. This post actually took me fucking ages to write because I couldn't come up with anything good. So if you leave this page feeling slightly underwhelmed.. don't worry.. me too. I think the only interesting one in there was me nearly killing myself. Good one.

Right, the rules of this meme mean that I get to tag 5 more lucky bloggers to take part. Don't you dare run away..

I tag..

@mymummysworld mymummysworld
@KipHakes Kip Hakes
@wallymummy justanormalmummy

I look forward to reading your random facts! Lets hope they're better than mine!


tammy fowler very proud auntie x said...

an answer to fact number four, as your auntie i wanted your middle name to be blue it just goes so well with bird and misty just not so sure it all goes so well together, but since my sister did not be so cruel you are now sometimes referred to as moody blue instead,this blog is fab babe im so very proud of you, every time i come on here i either lol or im in tears, wouldnt mind reading that novel from fact one xx said...

I LOVE this!! You're more of a weirdo than I originally thought! :D Hahaha the tag got youuuu, this makes me very smug :D xx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I think you're very interesting! Great post. Fancy injecting yourself with the pen; and that was a bit mean of the nurses to laugh when they must have known how serious it could have been ;-)

As for the Tinkerbell, well, yes.

But well done on writing the novel. Where is it? Published? Available where? Do let us know.
CJ x

Misty Bird said...

Oh why thankyou. I think you may be the only one ;) haha.

Novel isn't published, is stored safely away on my computer. Although am having first 3 chapters proof read by an English professor atm! Quite exciting.

I still can't believe they laughed. Every nurse that asked what I was in for have a little chuckle when I told them. I even had a few "oh so YOU'RE the one" comments. Trust me!

Thank you for reading & commenting! x