Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Princess's cousins 3rd Birthday. We've been to his party tonight which was of course, Halloween themed.

We weren't looking forward to it to begin with due to Princess's phobia of all things spooky, but she seemed to cope fine. 

We were met with a Frankenstein cutout on the front door which she immediately said was scary. It took us a while to coax her into the kitchen where the rest of the decorations were but after a while she finally settled down.

The only things she didn't like were the scary masks - which truth be told, I don't like either - and a rather large pretend spider. She liked the little spiders and played with them quite happily but screamed her poor little head off when she spotted the big one.

When the rest of the kids arrived, along with the Birthday Boy, he set about opening his presents. Of course after seeing that he had got the new Gadget Robot, Princess was in there. She spent the majority of the night playing with it.

It was a great night. There was food, laughs and even fireworks! Everyone loves hotdogs, jacket potatoes and mushy peas. (minus the mushy peas for me - yuergh!)

The kids went out trick-or-treating for a bit, all of them in there costumes. Regan was a werewolf, Millie-Jayne a with and Tyler a devil! Princess didn't go out trick-or-treating but we didn't want to risk her bumping into other kids with masks on, or someone answering the door with one on - like Ross did. She didn't want to dress up either so we left her to it.

For some unknown reason I was a complete fool and took absolutely no pictures, apart from one of Princess with a sparkler! It was a first for her though so the camera immediately came out. I didn't even think about anything else, not even the fireworks. Shame really because they were really good. Tyler the Birthday Boy had requested them especially and kept shouting for "MORE ROCKETS!" Princess wasn't a fan, but she's only 2 and they were very loud.

So that was our evening. I'm now ready to curl up with a book ready for Fridays review linky over at Catch A Single Thought.

What did you do this Halloween?

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