Thursday, 25 October 2012

To The Moon And Back - Jill Mansell: Book Review

This week I've read two books. Both of them being Jill Mansell books.

She has to be by far one of my favourite authors. Whenever I'm feeling down, or I just want my spirit lifted, I can always count on one of her magical stories to cheer me up.

The most recent book that I read was To The Moon And Back. I hadn't read it before so was looking forward to the new story.

Mansell's story begins with the tragic death of Ellie Kendalls husband, Jamie.
I'm gonna stop right there. I'm not a massive cryer when it comes to books, but I was already tearing up. We're still Chapter one mind you and I'm already hooked.
The story continues with Ellie eventually deciding to move to North London and embarking on a career change - working for the handsome Zack McLaren. Of course Ellie feels absolutely nothing for him, unable to move on from Jamies death she has no physical attraction to him what-so-ever.
Zack however, is head over heels for Ellie. Ever since that first time he saw her in the street..

Ellie meets Roo, her neighbour from across the street and they become friends instantly. She's funny and carefree, a breath of fresh air for Ellie.
Roo has secrets of her own though.. She's seeing a married man.  Of course Ellie knows it will end in disaster, but what can she do except be there for her friend?

When Todd - Jamies best friend, and the man who Ellie originally blamed for his death - comes back into town, they finally make amends. He's introduced to Roo and they both take an instant disliking to each other.. or do they? Todd and Roo's relationship definitely had me smiling.

And lets not forget Tony. Ellie's Father-in-law, the man who owns Ellies apartment. He ends up falling for the lovely Martha who unfortunately is battling her own personal demons.

Can any of them find a happy ending?

The entire story is well thought out, humorous and light hearted, all in one. I teared up plenty of times throughout - maybe even shed a little tear. It's warm and romantic and it makes you want to continue reading, long after you've stopped turning the pages.

I honestly don't have any criticisms. I never do with a Jill Mansell novel. I always want to make friends with her characters, the romance is always believable and nothing seems too far fetched. Everything is genuinely possible.

One thing I have noticed with Jill Mansell novels, is I always know the ending, but it never bothers me. I know the guy will always get his gal, but what I don't know is how. This is the charm that is Mansell. She takes you on an adventure with her stories, every page is something new to discover. And even though you know the final destination, you can't help but enjoy the ride.

To find out more about Jill Mansell and her novels, visit the her website -

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Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

This is definitely being added to my list! Good review too, you've made me want to read it without giving too much of the story away. Put mine to shame now!

Misty Bird said...

haha why thank you! I really do love her books, I've just started another one haha. Off to read yours now :) x

Recipe Junkie said...

I haven't come across this author before but the book looks good. One for the wishlist