Friday, 21 December 2012

The one with the fish

Sometimes I sit and wonder, in 20 years time, what will I be doing? Not as in, will I be working for the same company, will I still be living in the same house? I mean more like.. will we still be using computers? If not, what will I be using? Will I still be on Facebook and Twitter (probably!) and will I still be interested in the same things? What comes after DVD's..?

We tend to generalise different generations. Well maybe not we, but I do. I seem to assume that everyone over the age of 60 enjoys gardening. Did they enjoy gardening when they were 20? Have they grown to love it or have they always enjoyed it?

Same with fashion. This may sound mean and also completely wrong, but a lot of old people dress the same; With their long floaty skirts and sensible blouses. Have they always enjoyed wearing these clothes? Did they always dream of growing up and having a blue rinse?

I suppose my point is, when I'm older, am I going to enjoy the stuff that the current older generation enjoy? I have never in my life took pleasure in gardening, but will that all change? Will I all of a sudden want a short perm? The very thought of having hair shorter than my shoulders fills me with dread. Am I going to start wearing button down dresses and Clarks shoes? (You know, those flat clog like things!?) As we get older, do our likes and dislikes change? Am I going to be 60 and looking over judgmentally at the Mother on the bus playing a game on her iPhone instead of playing with her daughter? (That was me by the way..)

The crazy thing is, all of these questions came from fish.

That's right. FISH.

(No, they didn't ask the questions..)

This isn't our fish, it's in a tank at our favourite store. It is EPIC.

Ross recently bought himself a tropical fish tank. He'd been banging on about getting one for months. I'd looked into getting one for his Birthday, for Christmas etc, but they were always too expensive. I didn't just have to buy a tank did I? It would be a tank, a stand, gravel, a pump, a filter, decorations, a heater. Oh and fish of course. I just didn't have the money for that. I also wasn't massively keen on the idea.

So when he recently saved up a bit of money for one and bought one secondhand from gumtree, I was sceptical. He was about to set up a ginormous water filled contraption in our living room and there was nothing I could do.

But I love it.


I could genuinely sit there and watch the fish swim about for hours. I know exactly how many we have, what breed they are, and whether they're male or female.

If you'd have asked me a month ago, I would have only been able to tell you the colour.

So why have I all of a sudden changed my mind? Why do I suddenly like having a fish tank? Why do I enjoy watching the fish swim around and noticing their personalities come through? Why do the colours of their tails and the decorations cheer me up?


Is it because I'm maturing? Have I grown up? Is a tropical fish tank something that adults like to own?

I haven't got a clue.

So many questions and absolutely no answers. Don't get me wrong, there's not a chance I would stick my hand in that tank, the thought of scales on skin makes me physically cringe. But, I will help pick which fish are going in to the tank. I think I have probably picked 90% of them so far. We have guppys, platys and mollys. We have a single angel fish and two swordtails. We even have a fighter fish.

They're just so pretty.

There, I said it. Pretty.


We even have babies. Our two swordtails turned out to be a male and female. Baby fish usually get eaten/killed when born in aquariums, but ours have lived. We keep finding another couple every few days. It's exciting.


I can't believe I just said that.

So will I like fish in 20 years time? Or will I be more into bird watching? That's very unlikely to be honest, birds detest me. 

It starts with fish, what next? You may aswell pass me my button down blouse and Nora Batty tights now..



Miss Dazzling Purple Horses said...

Fish are awesome. I was very much like you but when we got some cold waters they grew one me. I find it oddly relaxing? Maybe that's just me?
I would love to eventually get some tropical next.
Enjoy your little fishes and less of the nora batty talk lol

Sarahmumof3 said...

aww lovely fish, I must admit fishtanks are so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

I like watching fish too, I love standing at Aquariums and seeing the variety. Does it make you old? I don't thinks so...I suppose it's like when you are convinced you don't like something as a child and then when you're an adult you realise you do like it after all. Just a gradual change in tastes.
(FYI the thought of having my hair short fills me with dread too, I've never even had a bob before!)

Emily Foran said...

We had a fish tank in our first flat together and very similar to you I got obsessed - I loved watching the fish; we had babies and a very similar selection.
I don't think fish tanks are for old people, they're cool and now I miss mine and really need to look into getting a new one! xxx

Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog. I've laughed all the way through this one, it has made my day! xx Marie