Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

So I'm going to count this as my Weigh-In Wednesday Week TWO. Even though I didn't lose any last week and technically gained (through the fault of my scales, DAMN YOU) it was still really my first week.

However this week I am happy to report that I've made a loss.


It's a very small loss, but a loss none the less. I have lost a lb this week! That brings me to 9st11lb.

I was quite surprised I lost any if I'm being honest. I had a few cheat days last week. One of them where I ate half of a chocolate fudge cake and another one of the girls at work treated me to a McDonalds. I also only did one Zumba class, but I didn't even work up a sweat due to it being a different teacher.

This week I have decided there will be no cheat days - it's only Wednesday though, give it time. My 1lb loss proves that I am capable of losing the weight if I try, I just need to work hard for it.

Fingers crossed next week reports an even bigger loss!

PS: For my own benefit, I may start boycotting Instagram. All of your food photos - usually of cake and chocolate - make me very jealous. And hungry.


Pinkoddy said...

Yay well done.
I love McDonalds too much myself.

Homebird said...

Well done misty :) x

Misty B said...

McDonalds is too hard to resist! I even had a McFlurry :o! It was Toffee Crisp so totes worth it ;)

Misty B said...

Thanks Em! Chuffed to finally have a loss, albeit a small one x

toxycat said...

Diets are so damn willpower is sooooo bad.....i lost about half a stone before xmas...then put it all back on by new year lol!!
Found you blog via the Tots100 community on Google+
New follower x

Charlotte said...

Good luck! I hope that you have more willpower than I do! :o) x