Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The MAD Blog Awards 2013

Last year, just 3 weeks after I started my own blog, an event came about called The MAD Blog Awards 2012. I hadn't a clue what they were, which was to be expected, I didn't even know there was a blogging community! A few months down the line after spotting the MAD Blog winner badges on a few of my favourite blogs, I did a little research and found out that the MAD Blog Awards are a chance for people like me - bloggers and such alike - can be nominated to win an award for their blog.

Ever since the nominations started for the MAD blog awards this year, I have been browsing through all of the posts, either asking or thanking people for nominations.

And I've been secretly jealous.

I watched the first weeks nominations go up, and after a glance, noticed I wasn't there.

Cue a big sigh. An expected sigh, but a big one none the less.

You see, my little blog here.. my little slice of internet cake, I'm very proud of it. It may be small, but it's mine and I love it. Having someone else notice it is an achievement in itself, but having a nomination would mean that.. y'know.. I had readers.

Yesterday the second week of nominations went up.



Queue me doing an excited piggish squeal at work! Of course I couldn't share my news with the girls as I don't think any of them know about this blog and it would be nice for at least some people I know not to read it. In case I want to talk about them, obvs.

Suppose I could have asked for votes though.. *ahem*

So far, I have been nominated in categories: Best Family Life, Best Writer and BLOG OF THE YEAR! Of all ruddy things!

In reality, I know receiving a nomination is as far as it will go. My little slice of the internet is far too small and unknown as to receive hundreds of votes - I don't even have that many followers! But as cheesy as it sounds, just being up there among so many amazing and talented writers, is an honour in itself.

(I just spelt honour as onner, and now I want to shoot myself. I'm tired and hyped up on sugary pancakes at the same time, OKAY!?)

HOWEVER, if you do wish to vote for me, because well.. I am awesome, you can do so here: The MADs
or click on the badge below!

You have to choose a Blog of the Year before you can go through to categories, but obviously that's your choice *cough* ME *cough* Only kidding.. maybe. I'm not.

I honestly didn't think I'd be joining in at all with the MADs, but I'm so glad that I can be involved. It is an honour to be nominated and whichever one of you voted for me, YOU ARE A LEGEND. I love you all!

It would be wrong to bribe people for nominations with cake, right? Okay..

MAD Blog Awards


Coombe Mill said...

It is a great event run by TOTS 100 and I was proud to be part of it last year. Wishing you every luck joining in this year.

Anne Stone said...

congratulations on receiving your nominations, it's a great feeling isn't it knowing that someone cares enough to nominate. Good luck!

Homebird said...

Well done Moo, great to be nominated! :) X

Louise said...

:-) Well done! I think your blog is fab x

Laura Huggins said...

Well done and good luck! I love your blog!!! xLaurax

Emily Foran said...

All 3 nominations well deserved!! Xx