Saturday, 30 March 2013

This is England

I am about to write about something so annoying, I almost want to punch myself in the face as I'm typing the words. Something so British, that we're known worldwide for it. A topic that even as I write, I can imagine myself speaking the same words in 60 years time (yes I plan on living to 83 - at least). That topic that we all hate, yet it's the first thing we talk about when alone with a stranger.

Do you know what it is yet?

That's right. The weather.

Is it doing anyone elses head in? I am genuinely rather angry with Mother Nature this week. In fact, I'm fucking pissed off.

On this exact day last year, I moved into this house with the sun beaming down on me. Princess played in the back garden in just a sleeveless dress and I found myself panic buying shorts and sandals because I hadn't been prepared.

This year, I'm giddy with joy the moment the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. The first thing I think about in the morning is blue skies and warmth on my skin.

But has it happened yet?

Has it fuck.

As a manic sufferer of S.A.D - Seasonal Affective Disorder (google it, it's a real thing) it's actually starting to get me down. The longer this Winter lasts, the more down I am becoming. It's a fighting battle everyday to physically get something done.

Spring cleaning - what's THAT!?

As an avid fan of the British Summertime, even when it's at it's worst, I am proposing a strike. I put forth a plan to force the sun to give up on it's winter hibernation, and make an appearance. If only for a week.

The plan will go like this: We ALL stop going to work. Stop cleaning. Stop smiling. Stop talking. Stop washing. In fact.. let's not get out of bed at all.

Not until that beautiful ball of fire makes her way into the sky.

Who am I kidding? This is ENGLAND.

And guess what's next!?

*sings* Drip, drip, drop little April showers..

Is that stuck in your head now? You're welcome.

Disclosure: This strike will definitely not happen. 

Silent Sunday


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Gallery - Walks

I haven't joined in with The Gallery in a while, I sort of lost my blogging mojo. But I've decided it's not gonna get me down, and I'm joining back in!

The theme this week is: Walks. As a family we love walking. We don't own a car (yet) so wherever we want to go, we walk. Whether that be a ten minute or three hour walk, we'll do it.

We used to take a walk up to Bestwood Park every Sunday with our dog Tia and just have a relaxing, leisurely stroll for the whole day. We'd go with Ross's family and we'd take picnics along and make a day out of it. Once the weather picks back up, we'll definitely be doing it again.

I love this picture because it shows all of the kids together. They're all outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and playing together. You just can't beat the outdoors.

Roll on Spring/Summer/Any time that isn't snowing!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Manic Music Monday

This week my choice for Manic Music Monday is a song by a band that nobody ever believes I actually like. I'm not a massive fan of rock, but there are certain bands I love, and after hearing the sad news that My Chemical Romance are splitting, I have found myself reminiscing over their old music.

This song is one of my favourites and every time I hear it, I want to get up and jump around shouting the lyrics.

Have a listen to Welcome To The Black Parade..

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

There was a little girl, who had a little curl

When I was little, I would try and play with the hair on my Barbie dolls. When I say try, I mean I would brush it and then make some half arsed attempt at putting it into a bobble or a plait.

I was probably about 8 by the time I learnt how to plait hair, compared to all my other 5/6 year old friends, and a french plait was so far out of my league, I didn't even attempt it.

So you can imagine my fear when I had a baby girl.

One day, she would have a full head of hair. A beautiful head of hair that I would have to brush and make presentable. Needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to it. I'm shit with bobbles and elastic bands, I have no creativity and no patience. I'm rough handed with a brush and my fingers don't do twiddly bits and hair grips.

Don't get me wrong, I love playing with hair. I will often sit and plait my own, and when Ross's niece, Millie-Jayne comes over to stay, I always manage to convince her to let me put a thousand tiny plaits in hers. But anything beyond that, I'm useless. I can only just put my own hair in a bun, and that's just the boring kind.

Princess has amazing hair. It is dirty blonde in colour (No idea why though, both her Dad and I are dark haired) and is full of bouncing ringlets. The one aspect of Princess that always gets comments is her hair. I get stopped in the street just so people can tell me how nice it is, and little old ladies can't help but bounce her curls, much to Princess's dismay.

Recently though, it has become long enough for me to experiment. I can try ponytails. She will let me put them in, but she doesn't like to keep them in for long.

The other day however, she let me try pigtails. I was so excited by the prospect that I made an absolute shambles of it, but I was proud none the less. She even left them in too!


I will admit, I don't have the best of parting skills, but look how CUTE she looks.

Because her hair is so soft and bouncy, it's quite difficult to control. More so than nice straight hair, so I imagine. She doesn't seem to have a set parting so I had to create my own. One side had more hair in than the other, but I don't think it mattered.

Her little fringe just seemed to set it off perfectly.

I do need a lot of practise, that goes without saying. But for once, I can look forward to playing with my girls hair!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Manic Music Monday

The lovely Emily over at FamilyFourFun runs a super music linky which for some reason, I have only just discovered today. How did that happen?

There is no theme to the linky, it's basically just one song. One song that's special to you that week and cheers you up on a Monday morning.

I love music. Like.. really, really love it. I enjoy pretty much every single genre of music and I'm always willing to listen to something new.

The song I have picked today has been a favourite of mine for a long, long time. It's a sad song, but it always makes me feel happy when I hear it. I can sing along - badly, mind you - to every word and attempt to relate to the lyrics. One thing I've come to find, is I don't relate to these at all.. yet I still love it.

Here is The Fray - How To Save A Life

"Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best

 Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God, he hears you
And I pray to God, he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life"

So there you have it, my song for Manic Music Monday!

Head on over to FamilyFourFun and take a look at the other blogs joining in this week.

Friday, 15 March 2013


Okay, this post isn't as crazy as it sounds. Maybe.

It has recently come to my attention that I do something so cringe worthy and unmentionable several times everyday that I'm not even sure I can admit it.

I do it in different scenarios: when I'm with certain people and even more embarrassingly.. when I'm by myself.

What I'm talking about of course.. is using my voice.

You know.. talking.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I have several voices. As in, you know a.. *whispers* .. work voice.

One minute, I will be sat talking to my work colleague, feet comfortably tucked under my bum whilst I'm sat on my fun, swivel chair when a customer walks in. Within seconds, I have my feet on the floor, my back is straight and there is a smile etched on my face.

"HIYA!" I shriek, deafening the poor sod in front of me.

And then I launch into an ear piercing facade about how brilliant we all are and why this customer should indeed shop with me RIGHT NOW.

Why do I do it? I don't fucking know.

It's the same when I answer the phone. "Goooooood Afternoon, thank you for calling ******* Misty speaking...." I'm pretty sure no person on the EARTH sounds as perky as I do on the phone.

Unless you're my bank calling. Then you can fuck off.

I also use a voice for Princess. This is my toddler voice. It ranges from talking like an absolute spanner such as "SO, what shall we do TODAY!? to something along the lines of "I swear to MR. TUMBLE if you don't put those scissors DOWN..." But they both sound the same. You get me?

And then if I wasn't crazy enough.. I talk to myself too. Not in the way you would think. I don't remind myself to do things and I don't have conversations with myself. I berate myself for every single thing I do wrong. This is my self-hatred sarcastic voice. "Nice job, dickhead" is one of my faves.

Why do I use all of these voices? I am starting to genuinely wonder which one is my ACTUAL voice. I don't use all of these voices all of the time, and I don't think I use any one more than any other. 

Go on.. admit it. You have a phone voice too don't you?

How many voices do you have?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Before I started blogging, I sat on the sidelines a lot and watched from a distance. I would lurk on other peoples blogs but never left comments.

I was on Twitter, but only followed around 30 people and had half the followers.

One of my favourite blogs however, was Alright Tit, by the amazing Lisa Lynch. I didn't follow her blog from the beginning, far from it. I came in about a year down the line and read that blog word for word. Post for post. It was incredible. She was incredible.

Lisa fought with breast cancer at the age of 28. After beating it once, it came back. With a bitch of a vengeance.

Despite this, Lisa continued to blog, tweet and make us all laugh through her own fight with The Bullshit. Without meaning to, I got sucked in. I was so desperate for Lisa to beat her illness, despite her knowing she never would. Every post was like a breath of fresh air, knowing that she was still fighting despite the pain she was in.

Sadly, today we found out that Lisa sadly passed away on Monday 11th March.

I didn't know Lisa personally, we'd only ever spoken very briefly via Twitter, but the news hit me hard. Through her writing and her blog, I felt like we all got to know a part of her. She's left a legacy in her name.

When I started blogging, I never meant to get so involved. It wasn't my intention to make friends and become emotionally attached to people I'd never met. It definitely wasn't planned to cry over the death of someone I didn't know.

The same could be said for the beautiful Jennie Edspire, Mummy of William, Esther and the newest addition to the stars in the sky; Matilda Mae.

Jennie sadly lost her beautiful 9 month old Matilda Mae last month to cot death. There are no answers for Jennie and there are no words to express the intense emotions that have traveled amongst the blogging community. The story of baby Tilda has touched all of us, we all felt the impact.

Since that night, Jennie has received copious amounts of condolences, support and virtual hugs. More so than any of us can ever know.

It just goes to show how much of a community the blogging world is. Without even realising, I have become a part of it.

I have congratulated friends nominated in the MADs, I have felt real joy and cried real tears all in the name of these bloggers that I am proud to know. I am proud to be considered part of their community and most importantly, I am proud to call them my friends.

I don't think you can ever truly understand until you become a part of it. People you've never met become your friends, and you chat regularly with people whom you only know via their own blogs.

Seeing the love and support of the people whose lives Lisa and baby Tilda have touched, shows to me just how special the blogging community is. Whether you're a parent blogger or a fashion blogger, it doesn't matter. We're all in it together. Jennie even had a live Twitter stream showing at Matilda Mae's funeral so we could all show our support. #matildamae trended several times on Twitter showing just how affected everyone was and how far the news traveled.

Lisa has inspired many people and has also encouraged women to check their breasts regularly. She was 28 when cancer struck her, it's never too early to start.

And despite the immense heartache that plagues Jennie every waking moment, she has shown the strength and courage to help others through her heartbreaking honesty and her involvement with FSID's charity

We all have a lot to learn from these women.

Please take the time to visit both of these amazing women's blogs. I promise you, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.

Rest in Peace Lisa Lynch and baby Tilda x


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Self Image: How do you see yourself?

I'll be honest with  you, I don't think I'm attractive.

Not in the attention seeking, 'but I'm only wearing a gallon of lipgloss and tonnes of mascara' sort of way. I mean in a way that genuinely doesn't deem me pretty.

I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's a long built case of low self esteem or just maybe it's the mono brow?

Never would I post a close up screen shot of myself like I see lots of other women do. It takes me a thousand shots just to find one picture of myself I like, and even then I usually edit it. Even then, after seeing the picture a couple more times, I don't like it anymore.

But, things are changing. I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be.

Before, I wouldn't leave the house without make-up and now, I can go days without wearing any. Nobody stopped dead in the street and chased after me with a flaming torch and pitchforks. Nobody recoiled when they spoke to me, and nobody stares.

Maybe I wasn't as hideous as I thought.

Now however, it's as if I don't care. I don't mean that as in I don't take any pride in my appearance, because I do. I had my eyebrows done for the first time in months last week after growing them out. I like to dye my hair and have been nearly every colour of the rainbow. But now, I just don't care what people think.

I'll never be one of the 'pretty girls', definitely not. But I'm me and I'm pretty happy with it. Some times.

I could probably do with losing the gut I seem to have acquired. I blame the new found love I have of chocolate digestives. Seriously, ask the girls at work. I don't have an amazing figure. I have thunder thighs, bingo wings and a jiggly belly just to prove it.

I've had issues with the way I look for years. I'm short, stumpy and a little bit round. I have dark, thick, wavy and uncontrollable hair and my Dad kindly passed on his monobrow. I have the chubbiest cheeks you've probably ever seen, and despite being 23, I still get ID'd for deodorant. What's not to love..!?

The other night whilst I was in bed, supposed to be reading, I was instead reading through Twitter. Then I randomly decided to take pictures of myself pulling stupid faces.. as you do. There were a few smiley faces in there too, I'm not gonna lie. But for once.. I didn't edit them.

They're not the most attractive pictures, and if I'm being honest, rather fuzzy. But do you know what? I don't hate the way I look. I might look like an idiot, but that's a different discussion entirely..

But it just goes to show how far I've come. 

I'll probably never be happy with the way I look, but so long as I can live with it, that's all that matters.

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Between Us by Tamara Island Stone is a love story between Anna and Bennett.

They were never supposed to meet. Anna is a strong willed teenager living in 1995 Chicago. Bennett is from 2012 San Francisco. He's a time traveller on a mission to find someone, yet ends up meeting Anna along the way.

They are inexplicably drawn together, and after Anna experiences Bennett's amazing power and introduces her to a world full of possibility, there's no going back. From lying on the beaches of Thailand and sipping tea in a secluded cafe in Italy, Anna and Bennett couldn't be farther from their own realities.

They know it can never last, but they're willing to fight for their relationship. That is until Bennett takes Anna to his future where she is thrown back to her present and Bennett is unable to get back to her.. Will they find a way to be together?

 “I don’t stay anywhere. I visit. I observe. I leave. I don’t ever stay.”

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this information. Tell him to leave? Tell him to stay? But I don’t have time to consider any other alternatives, because he scoots in closer and brings his hands to my face, and I fall back into the bookcase as he kisses me with this intensity—like he wants to be here, and if he kisses me just long enough, deeply enough, none of what he just said will actually be true.”

I loved the way this book was written. There was just enough suspense to keep me hooked, but not so much that it was too intense.
Anna and Bennetts relationship was believable of teenagers and took me back to being at school myself. Both characters were relateable - despite the time traveling!

As much as I tried not to, I did compare it slightly to The Time Travellers Wife. The stories are very similar, especially with the appearances of Bennetts future self. I suppose there aren't many ways to write a story of a time traveller without similarities occurring. However, Time Between Us fared better in my opinion because it was much easier to follow. There isn't too much time traveling, but just enough to let you remember that this is what's stopping the characters from being together.

Either way, I was drawn into the story from the beginning. Young Adult is probably my favourite genre of books, and this would definitely go on my Top 10 list in this category.

You can't beat a good love story.

I'm linking up with Jess's World Book Day linky over at Catch A Single Thought. Link up your book reviews!