Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spring Gardening!

Now I may not have mentioned this before.. but I'm excited for Spring. Like.. really excited. I am so, so ready for the sunshine, the warmer weather and the odd April shower.

April is probably the most perfect month for gardening. You have just the right amount of sunshine mixed with rainy days which is exactly what you need if you're planning on planting some seeds.

Which I wasn't. Not in the slightest. Whenever I plant something, nothing happens. Ever. It doesn't matter if I buy seeds, bulbs or actual real life plants.. they just don't grow.

I was a bit dubious about using our Miracle Gro flower magic. The flower magic bags contain your flower seeds, feed and coir, which is basically an all singing, all dancing, all in one magical mixture of flower growing goodness.

We recently took to the garden to try and clean it up before the summer months arrived and it seemed like a perfect oppurtunity to test it out.

I even got involved, which is probably the most shocking part about this post. I actually used a fork and dug at the ground. I may have got a bit freaked when I got mud under my fingernails, but I hung in there and crumbled that soil like no other.


We decided to spread the mix at the top of our garden, at either side of the trampoline and next to two conifer trees that we have planted. It seems like an odd place, but if you saw our garden you would realise there is just nowhere to plant flowers.

Ross started by first digging up the ground as it was very hard & dry which I'm assuming is totally the Winter's fault. After that, I very kindly offered to help crumble up the soil seeing as it was all in massive chunky bits (I'm sure there are some technical terms I'm missing here, but I'm no Alan Titchmarsh okay!/)

The bag insructed that once the ground was soft, to just sprinkle the mix on to the soil. And then water it.

So that's exactly what we did. We struggled a bit to water it as our garden is long and the hosepipe didn't reach it particularly well, but we did it!

So now.. we sit and wait. I'm hoping that with a fool prood product such as the Miracle Gro Flower Magic, then something may actually grow.

The mix was so easy to use, not even a compete gardening amateur like me could get it wrong. It would be absolutely brilliant for young children as an introduction to gardening. I'm even thinking of buying some more so I can start some hanging baskets! 

The seeds aren't due to sprout until July - so the packet says - so until then I'm just going to have to keep on watering them and checking daily. Because I will.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Disclaimer: We were sent a pack of the Miracle Gro Flower Magic free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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