Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Phone Rage

It's not often I get 'the rage'. Okay, it's actually quite often. There's nothing I love more than getting up on my soapbox and declaring my opinions, good or bad, to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Recently though, I've found this is happening more and more often - especially when I'm on the phone to someone.

You see, I've been having problems with pretty much every service I've ever used. My phone contract, my satellite tv contract, my catalogue, my bank, my council.. you name it, and they've experienced The Rage.

It's as if in my mind, everyone has just become idiots. It's like they can't comprehend anything I'm saying and I'm having to talk to them in slow motion as if they were a 5 year old.

It makes me angry.

If the problems I were having had been minute, I don't think it would have bothered me. But the problems I've been having recently are pretty epic and not something I can just 'call back later' about. They're issues that usually involve panic, swear words and managers.

Just the other day I was told by a woman from my local council to "stop being aggressive!" She's just lucky I was shouting at her over the phone and I wasn't in her office. The issue I had called about was pretty serious and she was fobbing me off. She also didn't understand my frustration at the fact that all of the information they held about me was wrong.

Cue The Rage.

The next unsuspecting person was the idiotic helpline assistant over at Sky, who didn't understand what I was asking her at all. I didn't understand why it was so difficult for her to tell me why my bill was nearly £10 more than it should have been, yet there were no charges. Thankfully, after half an hour of sighing, mumbled curse words and arguing, she put me through to someone in cancellations who explained what had happened straight away.

Once again, The Rage had reared it's ugly head.

The best one so far has got to be Halifax.

Now I'm sorry Halifax, I don't give a shit where in the world your offices are, but it is NOT acceptable to call someones house phone at 10 TO 9 IN THE EVENING.

This time, The Rage had kicked in before I had even answered the phone.

I may have answered with "What!?" much to the stunned Asian womans surprise. I then proceeded to tell her she was bang out of order, did she know what time it was, and if she called again at this time I would file a suit of harassment.

That's all pretty fair, right?

If I'm being honest, I don't even feel bad about that last one.

Sometimes I feel guilty about getting The Rage on the phone and ranting at the poor unsuspecting people at the other end. People who probably don't get paid enough to deal with my shit. I know how they feel, I get it at work. But sometimes, it's the only way to get answers.

I find that if I don't get angry with them, they tend to just try and fob me off. They expect you to roll over and take what ever answer you've been given.

Not me.

The Rage takes hold and doesn't let go.

So if you've recently spoken to me over the phone and you thought I had bad attitude.. I'm not sorry. Though, if you're the lovely woman in Sky cancellations that helped me, then I am sorry. Or Neil from my local council who explained in fine detail exactly what I asked of him. And didn't lie about where my letter of complaint was. Sorry to you too.

Does anyone else get The Rage on the phone, or is it just me?


Laura Huggins said...

I am terrible for phone rage. I keep my cool until someone interrupts me... then I blow! BIG time!

Another example is when I got stuck out on my balcony last summer, luckily had my phone. Rang the Housing Association only to be told by some numpty. Don't go anywhere, we will be right over. DONT GO ANYWHERE!! I was stuck on a balcony 15ft up with a 2 year old... 'Where the f**k am I supposed to go?' was my reply before hanging up on him!!!

Kip Hakes said...

Never really get cross on the phone, when I lose it, I properly lose it, and I'd not like to do that to some poor phone zombie. My method of complaining is more effective, take it to the top. Usually Googling can find you the email address of the CEO or MD, then I fire them a strongly worded email. It's amazing how quickly stuff gets sorted.


Amy said...

I get the rage on the phone too, but I don't actually tend to show it, other than being a bit short with them. I just bubble up inside, getting more and more angry!

Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

Emily Foran said...

Why is it that call centre people bring out the worst in us? I try to be polite but generally you get nowhere until you start kicking up a stink!

Suzanne Whitton said...

Eeek I get terrible rage with people on the phone too! I want the answer and I want it sorted now! Usually it's due to me being on a tight time schedule and I just feel that people are wasting my time. Sometimes, I think that they make it difficult on purpose so that we don't ring up and ask them to sort our account out or give us the money back that we are owed. Grrrrr! Making me angry just thinking about it! Vodafone have been the worst recently, but thankfully they have this online 'chat' thing so they don't have to actually speak to me!

Misty B said...

Haha, OMG I can't believe they'd say that to you! It's like they're all talking monkies snt it? So frustrating

Misty B said...

Unfortunately I only wanted to ask a question that should have been really easy to answer but it's like I'm talking another language! Definitely complaining about the wench @ Sky though

Misty B said...

You need to give me some tips! In real life I'm very calm and placid but on the phone it's like in a different person!

Misty B said...

I think call centre job make people lazy. They'd rather deal with computers than real people cause real people cause real problems. Makes their job more difficult so they try and fob us off. It won't work on me my friend!

Misty B said...

Phone companies are the worst! I've never dealt with a good/polite one. The people at Orange are usually helpful so long as its something simple, but if you want answers or they want money from you it's a different ball game altogether!

Glad I'm not the only one with the phone rage!

Wally Mummy said...

hahaha - 'the rage' I love it! I have no time or energy for anyone anymore. I've stopped answering my phone and communicating with anyone I don't need to... it's not worth the carnage! lol xx