Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clinique Colour Correcting Moisturiser - Review

Not so long ago I received a Clinique colour correcting moisturiser in the post to review. I had requested the Light/Medium shade as whilst I am quite light skinned, I wouldn't consider myself 'fair'.

When it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out. The next morning I washed and cleansed my face ready for the moisturiser and found that I really, really, did not have the right shade. I'm not sure if it was to do with the colour of my skin, but I was orange! My neck looked a completely different race to my face. I washed it straight off!

However, a quick email later, the correct shade was sent out in the post!

(I will add before I continue, that I gave my sister in law the previous shade of the foundation to use on her holiday and the tone matched her very well!) 

Turns out, I am more of a 'Light' shade.


I am definitely no skin care or beauty expert but I have enjoyed using this foundation. Whilst it is advertised as moisture surge, I wouldn't treat it as just a tinted moisturiser.

It goes on quite effortlessly whether you're using a brush or a sponge - even your fingers if you're in a rush and there's no time to search for one!


The main fault I would point out, is that once the cream has been on your face for a few seconds, it's quite hard to blend. I found that if I didn't do it quickly, then I was left with dark marks down the sides of my face which made it quite obvious I was wearing it. For this, I ended up having to blend using my own foundation to ensure that I wasn't left with streaks.

My favourite part however, is that my face is the smoothest it's ever been. My face is so soft that I do quite often find myself touching it just for the sake of it. How weird does that sound?

Ignore my man eyebrows, but how smooth does my skin look!?

The tone matches my skin colour almost perfectly. I'm fairly blotchy too, so it does a good job of covering that up.

The hair is horrendous, but notice the before & after tone of my skin

What I also love about the colour corrector is that it is SPF 30 which means that my face is still fully protected without suncream! So I can still look fresh faced whilst sunbathing. What's not to love about that? One thing that used to bug me was that when the sun was shining, I couldn't wear any foundation because I'd have to use sun cream. Being quite light skinned, I burn very easily and usually need at least Factor 30. I burnt using Factor 50 in Ibiza, so sun cream is a definite must. With the Clinique colour corrector, there's no need to worry!

Priced at £28.00 this foundation is probably not one I would purchase for myself - I don't wear enough make up to justify the price, but I think for the women out there who are interested in beauty products and want something new to try, this is definitely one to add to the basket.

I was sent a tube of the Clinique colour corrector cream for the purpose of this review.


Yummy Mummy? Really? said...

Sounds fab! Well add this post to my list for the round up for Britmums this month if that's OK?

Misty B said...

That would be brilliant, thank you x