Monday, 3 June 2013

Decorating On A Budget - #roomforimprovement

I've mentioned it before and I will probably mention it again, but the house we currently live in is much smaller than our old house. Even so, we have taken to decorating and rejuvenating this house a lot more.

Maybe it's because this house is smaller? It does feel a lot more intimate and cosy than the other, and it also feels a lot more like MINE.

I've been able to put my personal stamp on all of the rooms and the overall feel of the house is 'lived in'. It's by far from perfectly neat and tidy, but we do home a toddler. It's never fully clean but we try out best and we're very house proud.

Recently, the moneysupermarket sent us a challenge to rejuvenate one of the rooms in our home on a budget.

I absolutely jumped at this opportunity. In this house, most things we do are on a budget so it seemed like an easy task! I was very wrong however and it required more forethought than I had thought.

This budget was set at £50. Now, prior to my beliefs, £50 doesn't get you very far. It required planning and thought about where this money would go. What were the areas that needed improving?

The only room we hadn't decorated since moving in is the kitchen. All of our utilities were perfectly running and matching, we had a nice glass dining table (which I also bought on a budget of £20!) and the blinds matched the walls.

However, it wasn't OUR kitchen. It was the kitchen we moved in to that our utilities had to fit. There was no choice. We weren't really sure what we would do with it, or how we would change the room, just that we had to.

We browsed around online websites searching for the most cost effective means of decorating. These ideas went from paint and wallpaper, to carpets and accessories. Obviously with it being a kitchen, we decided painting was the best option for the walls, and we already had the perfect stone floor. Therefore, the extra money went on accessories.

As you can see from the pictures, this is our kitchen undergoing transformation.


Half way through our transformation! ...  


 I will take no credit for the transformation that took place, minus the spending of the money. I really do have to hand it to Ross and Charles for taking complete control of the decorating side of things and really going for it. We weren't given much time for this challenge from being offered to the completion date, so I'm very happy with the transformation.



If anybody knows me, they will know that my favourite colour is turquoise. We already had a few turquoise effects from our old living room that we transferred to the kitchen to match our new design. I think these have matched along nicely and added to the effect.


The blue walls make the room feel much more fresh and cosy. It's almost like I'm cooking dinner outside, somewhere warm. There is no particular reason for the grey, I just adore matching grey with any other colour. (If you saw the post about decorating my bedroom, you will see another example of this! I have to give the credit for all paint and accessories to Wilkinsons.

We did shop around a lot prior to purchasing any of our products and Wilkinsons was by far the cheapest for paint and accessories. We had so much fun in store shopping about and debating which were the best products for our newly designed kitchen. Princess also had fun pulling about the basket and adding her own items!

I would like to thank the money supermarket for this fantastic opportunity!


Emma Day said...

It looks great! I love turquoise too.

I have to ask... Are they toast coasters? They look awesome!!! X

midtown atlanta apartments said...

I love your home renovation for the kitchen! It looks so comfy and so modern. I love the choice of colors and everything is just so neatly arranged.