Saturday, 8 June 2013

Growing Up Cliche

We've all heard and even said all of the old cliches:

"They grow up far too fast"

"Time goes too quickly"

"Where does the time go?"

The thing is, they couldn't be more true.

This week, it has become apparent to me, just how much our Princess has grown up. She is no longer a baby girl who likes to be cuddled to sleep, enjoys watching the world go by and can be entertained for hours by the same objects.

How times have changed.

The other day Princess was in an odd mood. She's going through what I refer to as her 'teenage' stage at the moment. Even though she's only 2, she's quite prone to frequent tantrums, demands and has almighty attitude. I'm sure all toddlers go through this, but at the time you never realise it. You think it's just yours.

Anyway, I had absolutely no idea how to sate this mood she was in. It was as if she was frustrated, bored and upset all at the same time. Of course I just wanted to make her better, but I also wanted her to just stop whinging. With absolutely nowhere left to turn, I gave her a bath - in which she misbehaved and tantrumed her way through - brought her downstairs and dumped her on the sofa. Then I had an idea.

Nail varnish. She has always loved looking at my nails and watching me do them but I've always refused to paint hers. Mainly because I've always been the type of person to argue "let them be kids for as long as possible" but I decided it definitely wouldn't hurt. So long as she didn't eat it obviously.

So that was my idea, and it went down amazingly. Princess was so in awe watching me paint her nails, the odd "WOW" and "that's amazing" escaped her mouth a few times. Ever since, she has been showing anyone and everyone who will look her little toddler mani/pedi. She loves them.


Another example is on a recent trip to Tesco. Headed down the toy aisle we told her to pick one thing she could take home with her. In true toddler style she picked the most expensive toys and demanded that she have them ALL. After a few words and an explanation that "Mummy and Daddy are not made of money" she finally settled on one. A small case of make-up.

Now at first, I wasn't totally sure. She's only two after all, this could get messy. Also, I'm totally paranoid that by letting her use and wear make up from such a young age, I'm gonna give her some sort of complex that she's an ugly munter and needs make-up to be pretty. I probably tell her she's beautiful 100 times a day, but of course a little bit of lipgloss will give her lifetime scars! I'm not mental - really. Finally, I relented and she left the shop absolutely chuffed to bits.

Daddy gets a makeover!

Ever since, she has been plowing this make up on her face like her life depends on it. She will stand in the middle of the room and shout "Look at me!!" whilst twirling and fluttering her eyelashes. Have I done her any harm by letting her do this? Definitely not. My girl knows shes beautiful even when her face is covered in chocolate and crayons.

To top it all off, today she got her first tattoo. That's right ladies and gents, my two year old little girl has a tattoo.


Albeit a fake Mickey Mouse one.

But she loves it. She can't stop showing it to people and keeps asking me to take pictures of it.

All of this is just a huge slap in the face and a reminder of how grown up my little girl is becoming. It's also a huge sign of things to come - pretty sure I've got a prima donna on my hands.

There isn't any form of warning either. It just hits you one day that your child is suddenly a little girl and not just a toddler. She knows her own mind and she knows what she wants. Suddenly, even Peppa Pig isn't enough to keep her quiet, she wants Scooby Doo.


Even though I'm quite disheartened by the fact that those years are nearly firmly put behind us already, I'm quite looking forward to falling in love with my Princess a little bit more. 

Anyone else recently been hit by the reality of how fast their children are growing up? Does it upset you or are you excited?

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Kip Hakes said...

That all sounds perfectly reasonable really, you've gotta remember that a lot of two year olds have their own iPads and crazeh shit like that. A little bit of pretend makeup and a tattoo is fine! :)