Saturday, 1 June 2013

Little Miss Green Fingers!

I'm not too sure what's come over me lately.

Last week, after a quick trip to Brookfields Garden Centre for a quick look around the aquatic centre (I know, we're obsessed!) I randomly decided to buy some strawberry seeds.

Don't ask me why. I've previously said before about how uncapable I am of growing anything never mind actually growing something edible. I just couldn't resist though. Strawberries are my favourite fruit and they're just so goddamn expensive, it seemed like the perfect solution!

I bought my seeds and off we went.

Until I realised I needed something to grow them in.

So we decided to stop off at Homebase.

Looking round, having a bit of a wander, I came across a 'Grow Your Own Pepper Kit' ... and it was reduced! BONUS! So I convinced Ross there was nothing more in life we needed than to grow our own peppers. Luckily he agreed.

We had a bit more of a wander, found some pots for me to plant my new strawberry seeds, when we came across strawberry PLANTS!

This was brilliant. Who needs to grow seeds when they've already been grown for you? All I needed to do was transfer the plants to the pots and wait for the strawberries to grow!

So far, I have planted my seeds and my strawberry plants. Nothing has grown yet. It's been 3 days, so I'm still hopeful!

I also decided I couldn't live without some more flower seeds and Ross spotted some one season flowers he liked.

So my garden is now resembling a bit of a nursery. - I only learnt the other day that a place full of flowers is called a nursery.. WHO KNEW?

I actually planted the seeds and the plants all by myself. I put my hands in compost and everything, I'm so proud of myself.


We still have yet to plant some sunflower seeds that I bought on a whim, but we'll get there eventually. We're probably a bit late to the seed planting game, but we're still learning.

Also, the seeds we planted from our MiracleGro flower magic are starting to grow too! It's all happening in our garden this year.

Have you planted anything different this year? Or are you like me and completely un-domesticated when it comes to gardening?


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Laura Huggins said...

I have sunflower seeds, pansy's and an assortment of flower seeds to plant. However have found out that my garden is clay based soil... so sweet FA will grow in there.... looks like I am going to have to go out and buy planters for my balcony now.

Love growing things. My house is overrun with spider plants atm!