Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Sympathy Vote

I don't think I've ever blogged about TV before, especially a reality TV show, but this week something has really pissed me off.

Big Brother.

That may not come as a surprise to some of you, I'm sure it pisses a lot of people off. I know plenty of people who absolutely despise the show. Except that I love it. I love the cringe moments, the watching every moment of someones life (well.. 24 hours worth of a dozen of peoples lives cramped into 60 minutes) and the intensity of it all.

I've enjoyed this years Big Brother. After the first few abominations such as Sally Axl, Dramatic Jemima and Wolfy the Hobo were evicted, things started to pick up. Characters came out of their shells, relationships started to evolve, cliques formed and we all started to pick our favourites.

My favourite, from day TWO, was Gina. She was hilarious. She spoke her mind, she was opinionated and honest and she was funny. On the flip side she was rude, spoilt and showed far too much teeth for my liking, but that didn't stop me from liking her. Compared to the other arse-sucking housemates - and the vile ones - she was a breath of rich-kid fresh air.

Much to my disappointment, Gina didn't win. *sigh*

Sam did.

Now I may get absolutely shot down in flames for this... but Sam didn't deserve to win.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the kid. He was funny, at times. He was cute. But that's about as far as it went. He didn't do anything. I understand this may just be what Big Brother editors and what not decided to show.. we don't see everything. But from what I saw.. he was boring.

In my opinion, he could quite easily have not even been there. He was a lovely kid.. despite the whole absolutely cringe-worthy, disgusting flirtation between him & Jemima, there is nothing memorable about him.

Which brings me to my conclusion. He won by sympathy vote.

Because if you didn't watch Big Brother, you probably didn't know that Sam is deaf.

He spoke with a slightly slurred Welsh accent from now having properly been able to form his words. In all fairness, he is an inspiration. He is proof that having a disability such as deafness, doesn't stop you from achieving what you want to. It doesn't stop you doing the same as what everyone else does. And it proves that even though you can be hard on yourself, people are still routing for you.

But despite that, he didn't deserve to win. His point was made, well done, I think you're lovely. But that's as far as it goes. Personally, I think Sam won because of his differences. Not because he was entertaining or was a fantastic housemate.

Even if Gina didn't win, I would have preferred Jack & Joe or Dexter to have won over him. Namely because they entertained me. Whether that be with their laugh that reminds me of Mr. Tumble, or their complete dickheadishness.. they entertained me. Those are the people that kept me watching Big Brother.

By all means, congratulations to Sam. You did well, you provided a few laughs. And lets be honest, what 20+ year old doesn't want £100k?

However, fill a Big Brother house up full of Sam's and I can promise you, no one will be watching.


Kim Carberry said...

I totally agree with you he didn't deserve to win...I think for the first 5 weeks I didn't even notice he was really there...lol
I was all for Dexter or Gina winning....At least they played the game and entertained!

Anonymous said...

Callum should have won 100%