Thursday, 31 October 2013


I want to apologise for my silence.

On here and on Twitter and Facebook. I realise not many people will have noticed or many that will care, but for those of you who have noticed and who have asked, I'm sorry.

So much has been going on here lately, it's hard to keep up. Sometimes I struggle to catch my next breath, never mind worry about what I can blog about.

Not much has happened in terms of things I can write about. I respect my families privacy and will continue to do so until someone tells me it's okay to write about what's been happening. Until then, it's not my place and I will keep quiet.

My time has been split quite haphazardly. I have had 1 day off work in 9 days, bearing in mind I am actually meant to be part time. I have been spending my time visiting family, keeping my home and spending it with Princess and Ross. There hasn't been time for anything else and blogging, along with many other things has taken a very drastic back seat.

I probably could have blogged, I'll admit. But when I finally had time to sit down and rest and take the day in.. the last thing on my mind was the internet. I'll admit to playing a lot of Candy Crush, but who isn't?

The only thing I have done for myself recently, is go on my works night out. October marks the end of the financial year and we had a huge regional party at Bistro Live. I will admit to being rather drunk. Necking 5 glasses of wine beforehand and then consuming 2 jugs of Cheeky Vimto between myself and Hayley wasn't the best plan considering I had work the next day, but it was so much fun. It was nice to let my hair down and forget about things for a while.

I probably won't be dancing on any more tables or stages in a while, but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

Assistant manager & me dancing on stage.. as you do.

Princess is doing fine. She always is, she's a little trooper. Since her birthday she has successfully mastered toilet training and we have received her acceptance letter in to our chosen nursery. Talk about everything slapping us in the face at once! I'd only just come to the terms with the fact she was turning 3! She's very excited to start nursery though and is so proud of herself for now being in big girl pants. We're proud of her too. It was starting to become easy to imagine her in nappies forever, but she cracked it within a day. I suppose we were all probably a bit lazy with it.

And on that note, I will end this very random and brief post. I will also leave you with a very drunken picture of myself in neon pink lipstick in the toilets of Bistro Live. Why not!? Don't even ask me what the lighting was about.. #theycallmemellowyellow

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mummy Super Hero!

I will admit it out loud and proud: I am a spider killer.

I absolutely hate those little black, sometimes brown, disgusting little creatures. What is their purpose? What favour are they doing for me? Yes, maybe they keep flies away, but I would rather have a hundred flies bopping around than one single spider leg to touch my skin.

(Especially with the news of this new killer 'false widow' spider.. *shudder*)

Anyway, ever since I can remember, I have had night vision when it comes to spiders. The room could be pitch black but I can spot that crawling beast from miles away.

This was proven this week when I was tucking Princess in to bed.

I'd just kissed her goodnight and pulled the duvet up when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. Scuttling along the skirting board at 100mph. The thing was HUGE. Easily the size of my palm. Nevermind the fact I have small hands, this thing was massive.

Being the super brave woman that I am, I grabbed a Ross's massive trainer slipper and steadily headed my way over. Princess watched me with eyes of admiration as I scooched on ever closer to the scuttling monstrosity.

I help up the shoe and whacked that beast as hard as I could. It didn't die. In fact, I think I just made it angry. It charged at me, I squealed and then whacked the bastard again. Six times. Needless to say, this time it died.

I stood up, feeling as proud as punch. I turned to Princess and said "It's fine, it's gone now."

To which she replied "Wow Mummy, thak you. You just saved my life!"

She has now been telling the story to anyone who will listen of how Mummy killed the massive spider all week.

That's right. I'm Super Mum!

Disclaimer: I am not sorry I killed that spider, or of the hundreds I have killed before it. And sorry Grandma, but I just don't believe it brings me bad luck. They should know better than to step in to my house.

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Neals Yard Remedies - Aromatherapy Room Spray Review

I was recently contacted and asked "How do you sleep at night..?"

Not in an "because you're an awful person" kind of way, but in a way that wonders if I sleep well or not. Obvs.

Now it's no secret that I love my sleep, but I'm not actually a brilliant sleeper. Anxieties and palpitations tend to make it difficult for me to drop off, and then when I eventually do drift into a deep sleep, I usually have a little person poking me to move up. I also snore.. quite badly. So bad in fact, it's been loud enough to wake me up! Anyway, moving o.. It's been years since I have had an uninterrupted nights sleep. So when I was offered to be sent a product that is supposed to help you sleep, I snapped it up.

I was sent a bottle of Energising Aromatherapy Room Spray to try out and record my thoughts on the difference, if any, it made to my sleeping habits.

The bottle comes in lovely packaging - not that it matters, and was beautifully wrapped up in tissue paper. Straight away opening the box you can smell the orange and garden mint wafting through. This is what Neals Yard have to say about their spray:

"Instantly transform your space, and your mood, with a burst of energising aroma. We use natural essental oils to create our pure aromtherapy blends, never synthetic fragrance - when nature creates aromas this amazing, we can't think why anyone would want to use anything else."

And it's true. Why use synthetically enhanced chemicals in perfumed spray, when there natural substances out there that do just as good a job? And who doesn't prefer natural remedies these days? It is also alcohol free so is kind to the skin should you get any on you.

This spray comes from the folks at Neals Yard Remedies and has an uplifting aroma of orange, grapefruit and garden mint. I will admit to not being completely sold at first, I don't particularly like the smell of mint and it is quite strong within the spray.

Pretty much straight away I started spritzing our bedroom. Princess sleeps in there sometimes too so it was interesting to see the effects it had on her. Minus the "Mummy, what's that smell?" that she would ask me every night, she seemed to like it.

I wasn't keen on the smell at first, but after a few days, it started to smell normal. Like.. it's hard to describe but it's a bedroom smell. When I catch a whiff of it heading up the stairs, I almost want to jump straight in to bed because that's what I associate it with now.

The fragrance isn't too strong that you feel like you're eating it like I know some aromatherapy spritzes can seem, once it has settled it's actually really pleasant. It also reminded me of my Grandma who was big on aromatherapy so that was actually quite comforting.

After about 9 days, I didn't notice much difference in it helping me to relax and drift off at night - let's face it, aromatherapy spray isn't going to cure palpitations. But I did notice that in the morning, I'd felt as if I'd had a really good nights sleep. It was almost as if I was in a deeper slumber during the night meaning I was more refreshed in the morning. Even when a little madam poked me awake in the night, I managed to fall back to sleep easier.

We spray the room once in a morning and then once again a couple of hours before bed. The spritz is actually for energising your spaces, rather than to help you sleep, but it has an essence about it that makes you want to climb into bed. Especially with the essence of mint, which I know is meant to be a refreshing scent, I find it calming. I'm still not sure on it when it's strong, but mixed with hints of orange and grapefruit, the smells compliment each other.

I asked Ross what he thought of the room spray too and he has noticed feeling visibly more relaxed once he gets in bed. If anything, Ross is a worse sleeper than I am, so for him to notice some sort of difference is pretty awesome.

I am going to be passing this spray along to a friend who is having trouble sleeping so they too can enjoy the effects. The aromatherapy spray is by no means a sleeping tablet, but it definitely helps to have a beautiful scent and aroma around you whilst you are in bed. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sorry, You Are Too Fat To Sit Here..

Today, something about my job suddenly occurred to me, which is actually quite worrying considering I've nearly been there a year.. but it made me think.

As most of you know - on Twitter anyway - I am a Travel Advisor. I won't pretend to be the best because if I'm honest, I'm absolute shit at sales. Somehow I always manage to hit target but I'm not sure how.. anyway, enough of that.

On our airline, we offer "Extra Leg Room Seats"
To book an Extra Leg Room Seat on our flight.. you must not be disabled. You must not be old. And you MUST NOT be obese.

Is this, or is this not, discrimination central?

And it suddenly occurred to me today.. If I have an obese couple sat in front of me and they ask for these Extra Leg Room Seats.. Am I supposed to say "Sorry, you can't have those because you're fat?"

The reason for this is because these seats are located directly next to the emergency exits. You know the ones, right? Loooooads of leg room because there's like two meters worth of space in front of you. Sometimes you get a flight attendant sat across from you too if you're lucky. But these seats need to be occupied by the fit, young and active, because if the plane were to make an emergency landing, these are the types of people who would be able to open an aircraft door and guide everyone to safety (I must add, I don't think most of these people realise when they buy these seats..)

I recently had to make a call to a customer who had booked these seats, and then applied for Medical Assistance during his flight, and tell him that because he had recently had a new hip, which he needed to exercise so the Extra Leg Room Seats would be perfect for him - he couldn't have them.

This also leads to children. Children are also not allowed to occupy these seats - which actually isn't a problem because what child under 12 needs Extra Leg Room?

It is very easy to justify these reasonings to parents or the elderly.. but what about the obese? I am by far from a skinny-minnie, but I would be mortified if I went in to book a holiday and was told I was too fat for my seats. Why is this situation left to us on the front line in the Travel Agents? We don't make the rules, yet we are expected to take the brunt of things.

I recently had a customer who walked in to my shop, sit at my desk and asked me about wheelchair accessibility abroad. I asked her if she had filled in a welfare form, where she was going and what she intended on doing. She answered that she was wanting to take a boat ride over the bay to the other side of the town, so I nodded. I asked her what her disability and limitations were - uncomfortable, but I needed to know. Her answer was that she could not walk long distances due to her weight and that she was worried she could not get her wheelchair on board the boat.

I'm sorry.. did you not just WALK in to the shop, WALK to my desk, sit down, and then WALK out? I was all ready to fire up my systems when I simply suggested: Could you not be wheeled up the boat dock and then step down on to the boat? It appeared this thought hadn't occurred to her and she thanked me profusely. I love that I get paid for common sense.

I do agree that those who are large enough to take up two seats should pay for them - why on earth not? You are using up the seat which another paying passenger could not. Maybe a group of 5 passengers could not travel because an obese person would take up both of the seats? I can recall my flight to Ibiza in which I was seperated from my friends and forced to sit next to a very LARGE couple. I sat on the aisle seat - so I could walk about if needed - only to be basically shoved out of my seat by this ladies obtuse arse. In theory, this couple needed the whole 3 seats. Their excuse of "Oh look, she's only tiny!" did not suffice. I endured 2.5 hours of continuous elbow knocking and really bad side pain from being so twisted as to get myself comfortable.

I'm sidetracking here, I realise. But since when has it been my job, the tiny, chubby lady, to tell someone they are too fat to ride on a plane?

Thank fuck it hasn't happened so far, but it would be just my luck that tomorrow, my first day back, this will be my first customer.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Sixpenny Song by Jennifer Johnston

 Not every death is a tragedy. Not every silver lining is intact.

Annie's Father is dead. She isn't sorry. A rich and domineering man, he was always passionate about money than the happiness of his wife and child. And when his lovely, fragile wife Jude died in mysterious circumstances when Annie was still very young, her Father sent her to school in England, and tried to ensure that Jude was never mentioned again.
Now, at last, his days of tyranny are over. And so Annie leaves London and goes back to Dublin, to the house in which he lived and her mother died, where she makes the first of several startling discoveries: he has left her the house she hated. Now, just when she thought she was free of him, she is expeected to make a new life in Ireland, and live as he would have wished. Does she dare to defy him one more time? And who will be able to tell her the truth about her mother's life, and death, before she has to decide?

Jennifer Johnston is one of the foremost Irish writers of her, or any generation. She has won the Whitbread Prize, the Evening Standard Best First Novel Award, the Yorkshire Post Award and the Best Book of the Year Award.

This is going to sound amazingly harsh, but judging by the book I have just read, A Sixpenny Song, written by her.. I sincerely hope her others were much better.

I'll be honest - I'm not much of a heavy reader. I like my chick-lit, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Crime and some Fantasy. I'm not even sure which category this book falls in to.

The story starts with the lead character Annie learning that her Father has died. You get the feeling he was a strict man, not someone she cared for - which you soon learn she hasn't seen for over 10 years. He has left her their very large home, which she apparently hated but is never explained as to why (apart from her Mother died there) so she returns to Ireland where she grew up, to sell the house.

Annie's Mother died when she was around 10 or 11 and she has never really known how she died. <-- a="" about="" actually="" annie="" away.="" bit="" but="" caused="" come="" concern="" confusing.="" died="" first="" for="" has="" hear="" here="" in="" me="" mother="" nbsp="" never="" out="" p="" place.="" right="" s="" she="" that="" the="" this="" thought="" truth="" truths="" was="" way="" what="" which="" you="">
My second concern was that Annie's Father is made out to be this nasty, controlling, horrid man.. when in fact I didn't seem to feel that at all. The only thing he did that was controlling was send her to boarding school and then try and get her to start in his own business. Boarding school is a bit harsh for anyone, I can imagine. But he wanted her to have a well paid, secure and friendly job.. where is the harm in that? Annie may not have wanted it, and she didn't take it. End of story, right?

Through the story, Annie flashes back to her childhood where she recalls memories of her Mother, Father and their house servants. In every flashback she has, her Father comes across as a loving and caring man. Yes, he has a controlling streak - but not in a malicious intent. It seemed odd that this was the character we were meant to dislike, yet I found myself feeling sorry for him, almost as if he were misunderstood. We always want what is best for our children, yet the choices he made for his daughter, he was forever hated for. We get to see glimpses of him being loving towards Annie, caring and sometimes regretful. But never hateful.

Even when Annie finds his diaries after his death, where he explains his love for her and speaks of her even after she has cut all ties with him - she still hates him. Why? If someone could help me understand, I would love to hear your feedback with this.

Amongst the story, you learn of Annie's Mother, Jude, and her the secret life she lead through character Kevin. In my eyes, it is Jude who is the character who should be disliked. 

**Spoiler alert - do not read if you don't want to know**

 She married too young, got pregnant, realised she didn't love her husband, started an affair with Kevin, became more and more unhappy in marriage so started drinking, became pregnant and then killed herself. I fail to see where I am supposed to feel sad for this woman? Apart from the fact she felt sad enough to take her own life, obviously.. but it all seemed self inflicted. While I know a sad life is not the only reason for suicide, there is no inkling of a mental condition at all.

Her husband was not violent. He was caring, attentive, financially stable. It was Jude who decided they should sleep in seperate bedrooms and Jude who had the affair. Am I missing something?

I was very unsatisfied with the ending. I don't know what I was supposed to feel. We find out that Jude killed herself - which after reading the beginning is pretty obvious, and that she had an affair. And then the book ends with Annie walking out on the man who tells her.


I realise that this is usually not my type of book which is why I probably didn't get on with it. But, I just didn't see the point of it. When the book ended, I felt like the story should have just been beginning.

The one positive thing I will mention though is that the book is very easy to read. There is no confusion and as always, I love the descriptions of Ireland.

It is neither a light read, nor a heavy novel. It merely just is.

Disclosure: I was sent this book free of charge for the purpose of this review. Of course all opinions are my own.

A Birthday Girl and Some Cake

This may not be the best thing in the world to admit, but I usually dread Princess's Birthdays just a little bit. I go to bed the night before, full of anticipation for the upcoming 'perfect' day.. but it never quite goes to plan.

You see, Princess becomes quite overwhelmed very early on. This can lead to tantrums, shouting and hitting - lovely I know. She takes the phrase "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" rather literally it would seem. However this year, I felt different. It just felt like this was the year that she was finally old enough to understand and appreciate what the day meant.

It was different this year. We didn't have a party per se, if we did, there isn't may children of her age that we could invite so hiring out a hall or a bouncy castle seems pretty pointless for her and her 3 cousins. But instead every one came round to visit her throughout the day bringing cards and presents in their wake. It was nice to have it slightly spread out so it wasn't so full on and too hard for her to take in. It worked perfectly.

What also worked perfectly, was her cake.

Now I'm no cook and I'm definitely no baker, so usually we just buy one from ASDA. I know right? I can hear you all gasping at your screens. Lets just say, if I baked the birthday cake, everyone would be feeling it the next day.

So this year, my Mum offered to have one made for her. She told me of a girl she knew who had made cakes for my sisters birthday and graduation and they were fab. I checked out her page and agreed - they looked brilliant.

We decided on a Doc McStuffins cake as that seemed to be the main theme of presents and also Princess's favourite character at the moment. She's a bit fickle is our girl so phases don't last long, but it looks like good old Doc is here to stay.

I didn't have much to do with the cake making apart from deciding chocolate cake to feed about 16. I gave her complete reign on everything.

I have to say, the results were brilliant.

We were so chuffed with the cake we began taking pictures and Facetiming family straight away so they could see.

The cake itself as you can see has the character Doc McStuffins front and forward. There was also a 3D stethoscope and doctors bag (which I'm really sorry to say I didn't get a picture of because the attention to detail was amazing!) The words "Happy Birthday Scarlett-Faith" were also in 3D lettering along with the number 3 - because obviously that's how old she was!

The filling of the cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate butter cream and chocolate chips throughout.

I must say towards the end of my slice it did become quite sickly - but I will admit to my piece being rather large *cough*

The cake quite easily fed all 12 of us with all large slices and some left over. Everyone enjoyed the cake as much as I did - minus the Birthday Girl who isn't actually much of a cake person anyway. There was a fight over who would get what part of the picture too - who wanted the eyes, the stethoscope, most icing etc, but everyone was happy with their slices in the end.

I have to say thank you to my Mum who suggested the cake maker, Sabrina to me. I will definitely be ordering from her again when I next have an occassion. Sabrina is the proud owner of Sabrina's Cupcake Emporium - which can be found over on Facebook. If you are in the Nottingham area and are thinking about having a personalised cake make then please head on over and check out her impressive portfolio and for prices.

Overall, the day was a huge success. Princess behaved rather well and was grateful for all of her gifts. I'm still coming to terms with the fact I have a 3 year old, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.. probably by her next birthday! 

I must add my apologies for absolutely awful photographs of this cake - I totally forgot to take some proper pictures!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess

I have so many words that I want to say to you.

I can't comprehend in to words how much I love you. How amazing you are or how much of an inspiration you are to me. Sure, sometimes you are hard work, but I love you none the less.

Last night I was reminiscing about our time in hospital together. It's crazy to think it was 3 years ago you were welcomed into the world out of the sunroof (I always tell you, you don't do things by halves!). The first night was spent in complete agony. Me, pulling myself up and inching my way towards your plastic cot to haul you out, despite the pain, just so a nurse didn't have to hold you first.

The second night however was much better. They wheeled me in to my own private room so we could both recover. That night, after everyone had left, including Daddy, a song came on the radio.

You were crying so loudly and I didn't know what to do. You are my first baby. I was terrified.

So I sang. I sang this song to you and you stopped crying.

This song reminds me of pregnancy. Of labour. Of you.

It reached Number 1 the week you were born. It could not be more perfect. Instead of writing a post about how amazing you are and how much I love you, please listen to these words and try to understand. Ignore the video, ignore the pretty lady, and please ignore Bruno Mars (He may look attractive here, but trust me, he's not!)

Even the sexy lady bit. You may only be 3, but one of your favourite phrases is "Hey, sexy laydeeeeee!"

"Her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining,
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying,
She's so beautiful, 
And I tell her every day.."

"When I see your face,
There's not a thing that I would change, 
Cause you're amazing,
Just the way you are.
And when you smile, 
The whole world stops and stares for a while.
Cause you're amazing, 
Just the way you are."

"You know, you know, you know, 
I'd never ask you to change,
If perfect's what you're searching for,
Then just stay the same."

Monday, 7 October 2013

Goose Fair - A Nottingham Tradition

Unless you are from Nottingham or the surrounding areas, you've probably never heard of Goose Fair. Whenever I mention it to people from other parts of the country, they look at me all confused like "Why is this crazy lady talking about a fair for geese?"

This goose stands pride of place on the roundabout next to the grounds for the whole weekend.

Well, fortunately for us, Goose Fair is not a place for farmers to sell their geese, nor is it a place for a jolly goose to get their kicks from a Big Wheel.. but it is a place where every year, a fair ground is built and enjoyed by everyone.

And when I say everyone.. I mean everyone. It's not often that you find someone who hasn't been. And I bet you that everyone in Nottingham has been to Goose Fair at least once in their lives. And who remembers the year the famous goose was kidnapped and held to ransom? I still want to know how they managed to move it..

I didn't go much as a child because it was quite far away from where we lived, but now I'm just a short bus ride away. And even if I was far away, I couldn't resist taking my little Princess and spoiling her rotten!

We visited the fair on Saturday night with Ross's sister and kids. There wasn't much walking going on, mainly feet shuffling as it was so busy and not much floor space. Once you managed to get past the entrance though and into the middle, it was much easier to walk around. Of course Princess wanted to go on everything. Twice. But luckily when she was told no, she was quite well behaved. I like spoiling her but there was no way I was going to watch her go round in the same Barbie car 6 times. Definitely not at £2 a go!


That night we indulged ourselves in hot dogs, doughnuts, candy floss and treated the kids to the rides. There was the infamous Barbie car, teacups, pony ride, hook-a-duck and of course the carousel!

Princess and Daddy with her hook-a-duck prize

Carousels have always sort of freaked me out.. they always seem to feature in horror movies. And let's not forget the eery tune they always play. But I put my feelings to one side and rode that bad boy with my little girl! She absolutely loved it, she always does.


It was a fantastic night and despite the odd tantrum here and there from all of the kids, it was nice to be able to spend time as a family and spoil the little ones. No doubt we will do it all again next year.

Swell Aquarium PLUS Special Offer!

It's been a couple of weeks since SwellUK sent me an aquarium for us to set up so I thought I would update you all with how it's getting on, and also offer you lovely readers a special offer!

In my last post, I told you all how we had decided to put our guppies in the new, smaller tank so their baby fry could survive. I am proud to tell you the mission was accomplished. They have grown rapidly since my last post and it's lovely to watch them grow.


So far, they don't have much colour. We're not even sure which female they came from yet as they're mainly a really light blue colour. One of them has specks of red in the tail, another has flecks of yellow. In total 5 survived which isn't bad going by any account. Usually they don't survive at all or are eaten straight away so to see them swimming around with the rest of the guppies now is quite satisfying. Once they're big enough we'll transfer them into the bigger aquarium downstairs.


The tank is fairly low maintenance. We've only had to clean it out twice since we set it up and it's only a 10 minute job. Although on cleaning in the first time, I accidentally sucked a tiny baby up the siphon. It was so small I didn't even see it!


The plec is doing well too. He's growing but he's nowhere near as big as the other 2 in the bigger tank, but that's not surprising considering the size difference.

Hi preggo!
I am also happy to report that we now have even more tinier babies growing! They're really hard to spot and only really ever come out of hiding when we feed them. I did manage to get a snap of one though.


This small tank is a fantastic addition to our bedroom and I'm so glad SwellUK sent it to us. It gives our guppies a new chance of life and let's not forget that it looks brilliant. I would urge anyone who is thinking of setting up an aquarium for their children, or even just for a first time tank to use one of these.

Swell UK are offering the readers of this blog a wonderful 10% discount on their online website. Whether you want to start building your own aquarium, or even purchase something to add to the one you already own, it's a fab offer not to be missed! The code is valid on any item on the website and has a minimum £5 spend. Just enter the code SWELL10 at the checkout and claim your 10% discount!

Disclaimer: Minimum £5 spend. I received no compensation for this post. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Very First Blogging Event!

Last week saw me attend my very first blogging event.. ever! Okay, it wasn't so much an event as it was a small focus group hosted by Kiddicare for local East Midlands bloggers, but it was an eye opener for me, that's for sure.

We were invited to the very lovely Hilton Hotel in Nottingham, luckily just a short bus ride away for me,  to have a discussion group about our different ideas on purchasing.

I had walked down to meet Jess from Catch A Single Thought and she was absolutely lovely. We chatted on the way up and gave each other confidence when arriving. I'm an outgoing person usually, but meeting a group of brand new people was slightly intimidating. I was glad I had someone there to hold my hand so to speak.

We were met by the lovely Sophie and Ed who were leading the discussion. They explained that we would be photographed and audio recorded which everyone was fine with. Before we started, a lovely buffet was served so we could all fill our faces before starting. Jess and I were the only ones to order wine.. why not? It was free, yay!

Once the discussion started, it was lovely to notice how easy it was to speak with each other. The conversation and debates flowed easily and brilliant ideas were put together. It was nice how everyone seemed to bounce off each other.

Jess and I, listening intently!

God knows what I was saying, but I'm not an attractive speaker am I!?
 It ended up being a lot of fun. I didn't know anyone else there apart from Jess and Jamie from Olivers Mad House but it was lovely to meet some new bloggers. Some I'd heard of and others not, but from this I have also been introduced to some wonderful writers.

I stayed behind afterwards for a drink with Ed, Sophie and the rest of the bloggers and we spoke about our everyday lives and children, blogs and PR's.

In my eyes, the whole evening was a success. I met some lovely people, had a glass or two of wine, tasty food and felt like I was a part of something. For the first time, I felt like part of the blogging community. It was also good to feel my opinions were valued and taken into account.

Hopefully more opportunities like this will arrive in the future. I'm also feeling more positive about attending much bigger events such as BritMums. Who knows eh? Maybe I'll see you all there!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Through The Eyes Of My Phone - The Gallery

I don't own a camera these days. Ever since updating to an iPhone, it's the only thing I use to take pictures. I have a digital camera, it used to go everywhere with me, but it's too bulky to carry around compared to my phone.

When I saw the theme for this weeks The Gallery, I knew I had to join in. I had difficulty picking the right picture though considering how many of them there are. I've had to back up and reboot my phone several times because they take up all of the space. After a flick through though, I found the perfect picture.

The other morning I woke up to the sound of a camera. I didn't have a clue what it was, but on further investigation I found Princess in the bed next to me, happily snapping away. I didn't think to look at first but a few hours later I decided to check what Pictures she had been taking, and this is what I found. I just had to take a screenshot.

There were well over 50 very similar pictures to these, I couldn't help but smile.

She hasn't quite got the hang of taking the perfect selfie yet, but I'd say she's well on her way to becoming a pro.