Monday, 7 October 2013

Goose Fair - A Nottingham Tradition

Unless you are from Nottingham or the surrounding areas, you've probably never heard of Goose Fair. Whenever I mention it to people from other parts of the country, they look at me all confused like "Why is this crazy lady talking about a fair for geese?"

This goose stands pride of place on the roundabout next to the grounds for the whole weekend.

Well, fortunately for us, Goose Fair is not a place for farmers to sell their geese, nor is it a place for a jolly goose to get their kicks from a Big Wheel.. but it is a place where every year, a fair ground is built and enjoyed by everyone.

And when I say everyone.. I mean everyone. It's not often that you find someone who hasn't been. And I bet you that everyone in Nottingham has been to Goose Fair at least once in their lives. And who remembers the year the famous goose was kidnapped and held to ransom? I still want to know how they managed to move it..

I didn't go much as a child because it was quite far away from where we lived, but now I'm just a short bus ride away. And even if I was far away, I couldn't resist taking my little Princess and spoiling her rotten!

We visited the fair on Saturday night with Ross's sister and kids. There wasn't much walking going on, mainly feet shuffling as it was so busy and not much floor space. Once you managed to get past the entrance though and into the middle, it was much easier to walk around. Of course Princess wanted to go on everything. Twice. But luckily when she was told no, she was quite well behaved. I like spoiling her but there was no way I was going to watch her go round in the same Barbie car 6 times. Definitely not at £2 a go!


That night we indulged ourselves in hot dogs, doughnuts, candy floss and treated the kids to the rides. There was the infamous Barbie car, teacups, pony ride, hook-a-duck and of course the carousel!

Princess and Daddy with her hook-a-duck prize

Carousels have always sort of freaked me out.. they always seem to feature in horror movies. And let's not forget the eery tune they always play. But I put my feelings to one side and rode that bad boy with my little girl! She absolutely loved it, she always does.


It was a fantastic night and despite the odd tantrum here and there from all of the kids, it was nice to be able to spend time as a family and spoil the little ones. No doubt we will do it all again next year.


Suzanne Whitton said...

Aw looks like your little princess was having an amazing time - a drain on the old wallet these fairgrounds though, aren't they?!

MamaMummyMum said...

aaawww looks lovely!! great photos x

Jess McGlynn said...

Lovely photos, it looks like you had a great time.