Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Very First Blogging Event!

Last week saw me attend my very first blogging event.. ever! Okay, it wasn't so much an event as it was a small focus group hosted by Kiddicare for local East Midlands bloggers, but it was an eye opener for me, that's for sure.

We were invited to the very lovely Hilton Hotel in Nottingham, luckily just a short bus ride away for me,  to have a discussion group about our different ideas on purchasing.

I had walked down to meet Jess from Catch A Single Thought and she was absolutely lovely. We chatted on the way up and gave each other confidence when arriving. I'm an outgoing person usually, but meeting a group of brand new people was slightly intimidating. I was glad I had someone there to hold my hand so to speak.

We were met by the lovely Sophie and Ed who were leading the discussion. They explained that we would be photographed and audio recorded which everyone was fine with. Before we started, a lovely buffet was served so we could all fill our faces before starting. Jess and I were the only ones to order wine.. why not? It was free, yay!

Once the discussion started, it was lovely to notice how easy it was to speak with each other. The conversation and debates flowed easily and brilliant ideas were put together. It was nice how everyone seemed to bounce off each other.

Jess and I, listening intently!

God knows what I was saying, but I'm not an attractive speaker am I!?
 It ended up being a lot of fun. I didn't know anyone else there apart from Jess and Jamie from Olivers Mad House but it was lovely to meet some new bloggers. Some I'd heard of and others not, but from this I have also been introduced to some wonderful writers.

I stayed behind afterwards for a drink with Ed, Sophie and the rest of the bloggers and we spoke about our everyday lives and children, blogs and PR's.

In my eyes, the whole evening was a success. I met some lovely people, had a glass or two of wine, tasty food and felt like I was a part of something. For the first time, I felt like part of the blogging community. It was also good to feel my opinions were valued and taken into account.

Hopefully more opportunities like this will arrive in the future. I'm also feeling more positive about attending much bigger events such as BritMums. Who knows eh? Maybe I'll see you all there!


Chelsea Williams said...

You must come!!!!!!! It would be fab! Well done you, I love a good blogger event :) x

Pinkoddy said...

Oh Jaime is lovely isn't she. DO come to Britmums - then tweet me @pinkoddy and I will add you to the list.

25castleson25clouds said...

Sounds like great fun, I would love to be involved with something like this - fingers crossed for future events!

And good choice on the wine!