Thursday, 31 October 2013


I want to apologise for my silence.

On here and on Twitter and Facebook. I realise not many people will have noticed or many that will care, but for those of you who have noticed and who have asked, I'm sorry.

So much has been going on here lately, it's hard to keep up. Sometimes I struggle to catch my next breath, never mind worry about what I can blog about.

Not much has happened in terms of things I can write about. I respect my families privacy and will continue to do so until someone tells me it's okay to write about what's been happening. Until then, it's not my place and I will keep quiet.

My time has been split quite haphazardly. I have had 1 day off work in 9 days, bearing in mind I am actually meant to be part time. I have been spending my time visiting family, keeping my home and spending it with Princess and Ross. There hasn't been time for anything else and blogging, along with many other things has taken a very drastic back seat.

I probably could have blogged, I'll admit. But when I finally had time to sit down and rest and take the day in.. the last thing on my mind was the internet. I'll admit to playing a lot of Candy Crush, but who isn't?

The only thing I have done for myself recently, is go on my works night out. October marks the end of the financial year and we had a huge regional party at Bistro Live. I will admit to being rather drunk. Necking 5 glasses of wine beforehand and then consuming 2 jugs of Cheeky Vimto between myself and Hayley wasn't the best plan considering I had work the next day, but it was so much fun. It was nice to let my hair down and forget about things for a while.

I probably won't be dancing on any more tables or stages in a while, but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

Assistant manager & me dancing on stage.. as you do.

Princess is doing fine. She always is, she's a little trooper. Since her birthday she has successfully mastered toilet training and we have received her acceptance letter in to our chosen nursery. Talk about everything slapping us in the face at once! I'd only just come to the terms with the fact she was turning 3! She's very excited to start nursery though and is so proud of herself for now being in big girl pants. We're proud of her too. It was starting to become easy to imagine her in nappies forever, but she cracked it within a day. I suppose we were all probably a bit lazy with it.

And on that note, I will end this very random and brief post. I will also leave you with a very drunken picture of myself in neon pink lipstick in the toilets of Bistro Live. Why not!? Don't even ask me what the lighting was about.. #theycallmemellowyellow

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