Friday, 22 November 2013

Game Night!

These days, we are all fueled by technology. Whether we're sat on the bus, sat on the sofa ignoring the TV, or even sat in bed with our other halves.. the likelihood is, one of us will be using our phone.

Smart phones, tablets and even TV's seem to be the main focus in any household. I don't remember the last time I walked in to a room and at least one person wasn't using their phone.

I love my iPhone, I really do. I very much doubt I could live without it. But there is no denying that my phone sometimes takes my attention away from other more important things (damn Candy Crush!)

Recently, Ross and I decided to ditch the technology, clear the table, and play a good old fashioned board game. We're both big fans of Monopoly, but it was already 11pm and Monopoly can last for hours. Instead, we broke out Cluedo. I haven't played it since I was a young girl so had to reread the instructions seven a couple of times to refresh my memory.

Turns out it was pretty easy - after the first game I had it nailed. We both enjoyed a couple of games, coming to a draw eventually but being too tired to find the real winner.

Minus my over driven need to Instagram the event (c'mon.. it's ME playing a board game!) we remained technology free throughout all of the games. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun which surprised me. I have a short attention span so tend to get bored of games quite easily, but it was just so nice to be doing something together and actually having fun doing so. Even something as simple as Cluedo!

In fact, we enjoyed our impromptu game of Cluedo so much, we have even set a date to play it again. This time hopefully with a few more players!

It's very easy to forget how much technology rules our life. We don't need to physically be talking to someone on the phone or via text message or Twitter for it to be distracting us from the family that are right there in front of us. We're all guilty of it. 

From now on, I think Game Night might be a permanant fixture in our house. We probably need to invest in a few more games apart from Cluedo and Monopoly, but for now, they will entertain us.

Disclaimer: I was sent the game free of charge for the purpose of this post, but all comments and opinions are my own.

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