Friday, 6 June 2014

Brillance Day Parade & Picnic

One of the reasons why I love Princess's nursery, is they're always holding special events. Whether that be a cake sale to raise money for a new hutch for their nursery rabbits, or a sponsored sing to raise money for new school instruments.

This week saw her school have "Brilliance Day". I'm not 100% sure what it's for - I think it's to do with awards for the children for being in the Gold book for good behavior (I'm sure there is more to it than that but that's my current reckoning). All of the children in the school got to dress up in bright clothing and do a parade. I tried to get a picture of Princess, but it seems she is incapable of smiling properly with her eyes open! She tried though, bless her


It started at the school gates, Princess's nursery class at the front leading the way behind the police officers. We walked through the roads and around the block, waving at passers by who watched from their windows and were out in the streets. There was a long cord decorated with hundreds of ribbons keeping all of the children in line so no one strayed from view, brightly painted banners, drums and lots of singing. Most of the singing was to do with the England football team from the older children, but it all kept in time with the fun. Princess demanded I walk in the parade with her, holding her hand. That was until she spotted her friends two minutes later and swiftly ditched me in order to hold hands with them. So if you see a lonely looking woman in the pictures in the Evening Post - that's probably me!

Once we were back in the school gates, all of the children gathered in the school playground to have one minutes silence for D-Day led by the county mayor. Of course it was a miracle half of the nursery kids stayed quiet, but when they finally got the gist, it was silent.

After that, children, parents and teachers alike all went to sit on the school field for a giant picnic. It was great to see everyone together, the children behaving and eating their packed lunches. People from the local newspaper turned up and took some film whilst another took lots of pictures.

Despite not knowing fully what the event was for, I'm a bit dim about things like that, it was great fun. It was nice to be involved in something as a community and see how much the school allows children to thrive and have fun. There was lots of neon, lots of happy painted faces and many proud parents.

Next time the school holds an event, I'll be sure to go. It's one of the advantages of Princess being in a nursery attached to a school - she gets to be involved in large projects that everyone can join in with. I really hope that when the time comes and we can apply for her school place *sob* that she gets accepted to this school. She is happy, confident and adores her friends and teachers. I couldn't imagine her anywhere else.

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