Friday, 13 June 2014

Delilah the Dragon

Last week saw my Mum and sister jet off to Tunisia. Being the good travel agent daughter I am, I made sure their tickets were printed, checked they'd packed everything and hid my jealousy well.

Even at the grand old age of 24 *cough* yes I know I'm not old - I miss my Mum. It feels weird not being able to pick up the phone and call her or pop down in the car for a visit. But she has left a little piece of herself with me. A piece of her she loves so much that she feels like she's lost an arm, a piece that she insists on checking on every day. And no.. it's not her boyfriend.. sorry Mark!

It's her beloved pet bearded dragon, Delilah.

She came to own Delilah a year ago when my sister brought her home. She's wanted a lizard her entire life, I remember her talking to our Dad about it when I was younger, but he always said no. Now she has her very own dragon that she can spoil. And spoil her she does. She has left a list of instructions on how to take care of Delilah, what she eats and when, when to give her a bath, what to do if she doesn't poo and even when to turn her lights off and on.

Ross and I have actually taken to asking each other "have you put Delilah to bed yet?" Until we realise we are in fact talking about a bearded dragon and not a newborn baby.

I'm quite surprised that I've loved having her so far. If I ignore the disgusting habit that is her diet, and the fact I now have locusts in my bedroom, I would never give her back.

She enjoys cuddles, she likes to sit over your heart snuggled in to your neck where it's cosy. She sunbathes on the windowsill whilst perched on a rock watching the world go by. She likes to swim about in the bath and smiles when you give her a drink of water. She loves to jump about on our bed and run from one side to the other. She really is a funny little character.
At my Mums house she has her own little ramp that she uses to climb on to the windowsill and bask in the sunlight. 

Sometimes I do have to pinch myself when I realise that most dogs aren't treated as well as this little dragon. I know ours certainly isn't!

I'll be sad when it finally comes to sending her back home, it's been quite fun having her. If I had the room I would probably get one myself, but I just cannot get over the food. The worms I can handle, but the size of the locusts she eats genuinely makes me feel sick to the stomach. That is very much Ross's job.

Can't believe I'm going to say this.. but I'm going to miss that little Dragon!

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