Thursday, 26 June 2014

Final Update - Clean 9 #foreverliving

So that's it.. it's all over!

Well sort of.. It's been 11 days since I started the Clean 9 detox and I still have some of the products left so I have decided to continue it as long as possible.

I'm sad it's over. I've thoroughly enjoyed having the routine of my supplements and shakes, planning out healthy meals and deciding on exercise. If I'm honest, I could have done more on the work-out front, but it's difficult to find time most mornings trying to get myself ready for work and a toddler ready for nursery.. but I suppose that can be a work-out in itself!

My final measurements are in and I can say I'm seriously pleased with the outcome. Here are my final results!

Arm: 28cm (-2)
Waist: 28inch (-4)
Hip: 37inch (-3)
Thigh: 21inch (-2)
Chest: 35inch (-1)

That's a total of 10inches and 2cm lost in 9 days!! You really cannot argue with those figures. If I had a way to take a picture of the measuring tape whilst measuring myself, I would, just to prove that I really am not lying. It just seems too good to be true! I'm still in shock myself and am utterly mystified as to how.

I understand the Clean 9 detox, but such fab results in such a short amount of time is something I could have never expected. My main reckoning is that my body was used to such bad habits that as soon as I detoxed, the results were instant. It flushed the bad habits out of my body and got straight in to the new routine with ease.

It was still far easier than I ever expected it to be. All the girls at work (minus one!) are convinced that they wouldn't be able to do it. The main thing that seems to put people off is the 2 days of not eating. In all honesty - and I have no reason to lie - those days were far easier than the 3rd day. It might just be me, but I can assure you, I didn't struggle as much as I thought.

The thing I will miss the most is the milkshake. I ran out today and was gutted. I managed to just about scrape breakfast in to my day, but I definitely didn't have enough left for lunch. It was the first time I had eaten anything at lunch in 11 days, and I struggled. I only had a mugshot and I struggled to finish it - it felt odd eating food in the daytime again. I am seriously considering purchasing a tub of the shake mix, just so I can continue going as long as possible.

Now on to the weight!

I can now officially state that my weight is... *drumroll*


That's a total LOSS of 13lb in 9 days. INCREDIBLE! I am now 9.4stone weighing in at 59.8kg! It feels amazing!!


I honestly cannot rave about the Clean 9 enough. From the aloe vera gel that I had to chug whilst holding my nose, to the shake that tastes like Ben & Jerrys cookie dough ice cream, I will definitely miss it all.

Who knows, I may go for it again in a couple of months! I'm going to see how I can go with losing weight myself, and if I come to a plateau, I know exactly who to call. 

If you have any doubts or concerns about the Clean 9 plan, you can ask away in Chrissy's very own Facebook page dedicated solely to cheering on her companion detox lovers. We're all there for each other along the way, sharing tips and advice, giving each other a cheer when we get the results we want, and being there for each other when it's tough. If you fancy an invite to ask some questions, or even for a nosy around the page then just ask either myself or Chrissy and we can sort that out for you. There are before & after pictures galore in the group, all from REAL members.

All details can be found below. And DON'T forget, Chrissy is offering £15 off for all orders of the Clean 9 for any and all readers of this blog. Just mention me when you pop over and receive your discount!


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