Why Misty Seriously?

I thought I would create an extra page just to explain the title of my blog

It's Misty... Seriously.

Since I was a young girl, I have been unindated with comments about my name. Just to clarify, my name is in fact Misty. It's not short for anything, it's not a nickname. It's in black and white on my Birth Certificate as my first name.

I've never met another person with the name although I know they're out there. (Yes, I have googled my name before, who hasn't?) Majority of the other Misty's out there are found in the US, mainly because it is an American origin name. It doesn't have a secret meaning, it's just simply more popular over there.
 Every single time I'm on the phone to whatever customer service rep, a full blown conversation is started over my name. Comments about how interesting and original it is are the main ones. Some even go as far as to say it sounds like a stage name, maybe I should be an actress. A stage name that is my real name? Oh okay then. I used to hate my name. Hate it to the point I would go bright red answering my name in the school register. I'm used to it now. I don't mind the comments as much and if I'm being honest, most of them are complimentary so what's not to like?

Now to explain. 

When I was about fifteen, I was out with a small group of friends. We were stood outside of pizza hut whilst one of my friends was on the phone finding out if another friend would be coming out to join us. The next thing we know, a police riot van comes screeching to a halt right next to us and three policemen jump out. We were asked what we were doing standing on the street to which we explained we were waiting for a friend.
Then, for some unknown reason, they decided to take our names. One of my friends was outraged that we were having our names taken just for standing outside of a Pizza Hut and refused to give her name.
I was more than compliant. It was my first police encounter and they were big and scary men. The conversation went something like this:

"What's your name?" the first policemen asked holding a pen to his pad expectantly.
"Misty" I replied.
His eyebrows shot up in surprise.
"You know you're not supposed to lie to a police officer?" he commented.
I nodded. "Obviously."
"So can I please have your real name."
"It's Misty."
"I'm giving you one more chance before I throw you into the back of this van."

I panicked. I seriously panicked. I was being threatened with arrest because this police officer didn't believe my name.

"It's Misty seriously!!" I told him. "You can even ring my Mum if you want!"
He shook his head and wrote it down. He clearly still didn't believe me. When they finally left I was glad. My first encounter with the police and I nearly got arrested because of my name. (My surname doesn't help, but I won't bore you with that. Let's just say it sounds a bit odd on the end of Misty).

So there you have it. It's Misty... Seriously. That's me. No airs or graces, no pseudonyms.

And just to clarify, I was named after the song Misty Blue.


Jo said...

I love the name Misty, I think it's beautiful.
I've never loved being a 'Jo' very bland :-( xx

Sarah Greaves said...

I know someone who has a little girl called Misty Blue :)
Good luck with the MAD awards xx

Linz said...

What a great page! BTW I love your name :-)

Mum in a Hurry said...

I love this intro to your blog. Brilliant and funny story and like your style of writing. Have followed u on BlogLovin

Celine Leong said...

I love you name " Misty" seriously . It is unique & cool!

Celine Leong said...

I love your name" Misty" seriously! It is so unique ,cool and Mysterious